Recreational cannabis legalised for adults in Ohio

Voters in Ohio approved two progressive measures on Tuesday, protecting abortion and legalising cannabis. Credit - Getty Images

An adult recreational marijuana use law has been approved by Ohio voters and in 30 days, it will go into effect.

The state legislature, which is controlled by Republicans, was opposed by voters who backed Issue 2, the new law.

When the measure was first proposed in 2022, Republican lawmakers put it on hold, which led to a lawsuit to put it on the ballot.

Ohio became the 24th US state to legalize cannabis use for purposes other than medical purposes on Tuesday.

Adults over 21 will be able to purchase and possess up to 2.5 oz (70 g) of cannabis as well as cultivate up to six plants at home under the new law.

A 10% tax on purchases will be paid by customers, with the majority of the proceeds going to social justice, employment, and cannabis-related communities and addiction services.

Although several US states have passed laws legalizing the drug’s use in some capacity, the drug remains illegal at the federal level.

In addition to Washington, DC, all of the states on the west coast and twenty-three other states allow the recreational use of cannabis by adults. In 38 states, it is approved for medical use.

Since the Ohio law was enacted by citizens rather than as a constitutional amendment, state legislators have the authority to readily amend or even repeal it.

Changes are already being demanded by Ohio Republicans who are still against Issue 2.


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