Opposition APC President Nason Msoni


By Watch Reporter

The controversial Constitutional amendment Bill 10, must be rejected by all Zambians and Members of Parliament, All People’s Congress (APC) president Nason Msoni has said.

Msoni says the controversial Bill 10 is a self serving proposed piece of legislation that legitimatises illegalities and fraud.

He notes that the Bill is a criminal piece of legislation that will suffocate and support dictatorship.

Msoni observes that the infamous bill stinks betrayal and deceit in the governance of the nation.

“Undoubtedly this is the most absurd and criminal piece of legislation that has ever been introduced in the people’s assembly. It stinks betrayal of the governed and deceit. This bill clearly smacks abuse of public trust,” he said.

The opposition leader charged the desperation of the PF government on Bill 10 confirms that this piece of legislation does not in any way benefit Zambians but the few individuals whose intent is to hijack the democratic space in the country.

Msoni believes that once Parliament is dissolved no one surely is expected to remain in a government office and getting paid tax payers money.

“Similarly no one is reasonably expected to be campaigning using government vehicles and drawing fuel and allowances after the dissolution of Parliament. That is outright criminality of the highest order which should be rejected.

Bill 10 is a classic case of abuse of the legislative process by the executive to advance individual political interests but at the expense of the Zambian public,” says Msoni.

Msoni whose party is a member of the the opposition alliance, has since urged government to stop any further misuse of public resources through the sponsoring of what he terms cronies to be traveling around the country campaigning for Bill 10 when hospitals have no medicines and vital services.

“Most important services in hospitals have been suspended due to lack of resources. For once we urge President Lungu to show kindness to his fellow compatriots and fellow citizens by ensuring that public funds are not needlessly wasted on fruitless personal political errands but to ensure that funds are put to good use.

Our unsolicited counsel to the president is that good things don’t last forever. It is time to make peace with Zambians,” he said.

He has since urged the PF to be grateful to the people of Zambia by allowing them to administer the affairs of the nation in the past years.

“To every season there is a new season. Be grateful to Zambians and stop this bill 10 mindless political ambition,” he said.


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