There has been a serious trend when elections are near by some small political parties emerge to create propaganda over president HH , recently the revolution party leader resurrected from the ashes of doom to say the UPND party is for the Tongas , it is very unfortunate that people are used to castigate others for the invisible benefits we don’t see during these situations .The UPND recently held the most successful democratic convention ever held in Zambia ,the tribal composition of the national management committee is well balanced and can’t be compared . Zambians were going to respect people rejoining the ruling party if they said they were taking new ideas to the party to improve on the standard failures which have brought numerous challenges to the people , it is not an assumption that PF has failed to implement policies which are supposed to transform this country ,there is no translation to the common people ,the future is bleak because there is no wealth creation for the country to secure the future ,given the position of the national debt and the failure to repay on due date .

I consider these coming elections as an academic one , some of these ancient political strategies of just trying to demonize president HH and thinking that is the best way to win an election is just something of the past , we know others are coming on board because they know benefits come through condemnation of the person who is the front runner to scoop the coming general election , fortunately Zambians have their eyes open and they understand the dynamics of criminal politics , it is only good leadership which this country needs to move out of the deep valley of life challenges and poverty , it is possible electing poor people in public office has been a cause for the corruption and plunder of state resources ,we don’t need a leader who has never rared even one single chicken ,we need a God fearing person and not social night clubers .

Zambia still has the potential to secure the future if only the people can realise why politicians team up to demonize just one person in the name of president HH , Zambians need to understand that there is substance in president HH , an example of the former bank of Zambia director who was dropped on political reasons and later appointed by the world bank , many people we think are not useful in the country are internationally recognised with merit and excellence , why don’t we see that when electing leaders of our own country?, let’s not be districted easily by noise makers who scream for their own benefits . we have seen this culture grow and the country has continued on the path of leadership bankruptcy . This coming election is to erase the authority of carderism and ensuring the return of our lost values, Zambia is still a model in Africa if only Zambians can move together in unity and elect a govt that will represent the people and the nation to foster development and reduce the challenges that affect the majority people today and prevent mortgaging the future. God hear us .



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