Remarks Attributeed To Charles Milupi Is A Clear Indication That UPND Govt Doesn’t Only Disrespect The Constitution But Is Also A Lawless Govt- Elijah Tembo



Elijah Temboh

I was quite shocked when I saw an article attributed to Hon Charles Milupi, who is Minister of Infrastructure Development, directing Gilbert Liswaniso the youth chairman for the ruling UPND and Obvious Mwaliteta the Lusaka Ptoovincial chairman to deal with whoever insults President Hakainde Hichilema.

To start with, this is a very careless pronouncement by a minister who should by now understand that we have institutions of government that handle certain issues. The police are charged with the responsibility to maintain law and order in our country. The courts are also there to handle different cases involving aggrieved parties. Everything is enshrined in the constitution. Cadres don’t have any power or right whatsoever to do anything in this land. So under what jurisdiction will Gilbert Liswaniso and Obvious Mwaliteta deal with those insulting?

For Mr Milupi to carelessly issue such a statement, it is a clear indication that UPND is a government that doesn’t only disrespect the Constitution but is also a lawless government. I don’t tolerate anyone insulting either the President or Ministers or any government officials, and if there can be such a person, we should let the law enforcers to bring the culprits to book. Not party cadres. Under what law are cadres going to deal with those insulting? We live in a civilised world. We don’t want ancient politics that Milupi and William Banda used to practice then. We have the police, the courts, and the constitution in the land. Where do cadres fall?

To Liswaniso Gilbert and Obvious Mwaliteta, I believe you have learnt lessons from previous regimes that power is temporary. These ancestors that are pushing you into lawlessness won’t stand with you when government changes. I’m sure by now Gilbert you are aware of what you are doing to those who tortured and tormented you when PF was in power. Would you like the same things to happen to you? Would you also wish to be in exile?

Look at the age of Mr Milupi and your age. You are a young man with some serious potential. You have a family to look after now and after UPND tenure. In politics, don’t create enemies. Let us just differ on opinion. Don’t try to be used by elderly people in a wrong way that will put your life and that of your family in danger forever. If you love your children and family, I think refraining from taking the law into your hands will be the best thing to do ever.

I wouldn’t love to see a young man with potential like you being persecuted in future when there’s change of government. It’s time we as youths open our eyes and say no to old politics. We need to embrace the new way of doing politics. I will give you a simple example, have you ever followed Mr Freedom Sikazwe or it’s the young people you are following who were being used by these old people.

To those in the habit of insulting leaders, let’s us refrain from the vice. It is not only the opposition insulting the ruling but also the ruling party cadres have been insulting the opposition. Assuming even the opposition says we shall go tooth for tooth, do you think there will be peace in the country?

We only have One Zambia. Let’s us all safeguard our peace. To President Hakainde Hichilema its high time you substitute your players. We have been hearing careless statements not only from Mr Milupi but also Cornelius Mweetwa. These ministers should be tamed. We don’t want them to temper with our democracy.



  1. Some analysts are dangerous how do you come to such a conclusion? People must be accountable for what they release to the public and the ones covering them.

  2. So it s bad for the constitution but very ok for people to insult the head of state and slander his name? Is this guy a true Zambian? If chiefs can be respected what more the head of state?


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