UPND North Western Province Youth Chairperson Mr Bruce kanema


…..As he call on the UPND New Dawn Government to make sure that those who have been benefiting from the Ghost workers to pay back to the people of Zambia.


UPND North Western Province Youth Chairperson Mr Bruce kanema has called on the UPND New Dawn Government to strictly and seriously conduct the head count of civil servants in all the Government Ministries.

He stated that in almost all the ministries have such Heads of Departments who are benefiting due to Ghost workers thereby disadvantanging job opportunities for the Youths in the country.

He indicated that it is on public domain that PF constitution allowed all public institutions to be headed by their political party cadres who came with such evil plans of employment freeze but they decided to create ghost workers even in positions of those who died, resigned and retired without replacing them.

He stated that with the revelation by the minister of Health , it’s clear that most of Government payroll is full of ghost workers but the question is, who withdraws such huge amounts of money on behalf of these ghosts?

Mr Kanema has commended His Exellence president HH for taking up a strong stance on the fight against corruption and that the fight against corruption Should not just be heard but seen to be done and time is now.

He has urged all Civil servants to familiarise themselves with the ruling party the UPND manifesto if they are to perform well in line with president Hakainde Hichilema’s vision and deliver to the expectations of the people of Zambia.

He stated that the situation of having ghost workers should never be tolerated because it leads to low productivity and inefficiency and creating unemployment to the young people when alot of offices are vacant wanting People to take up the jobs.

He has stated that the Government must get lead of these ghost workers in order to create more job opportunities for the young people in the country and better Services will be rendered to the public.

Mr Kanema was reacting to the revelation by the Minister of Health Hon Sylvia Masebo who told parliament yesterday in her ministerial statement that there were alot of the ghost workers in her Ministry.



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