Antonio Mwanza

PF deputy media director Antonio Mwanza has begged senior members of the ruling party to intervene and restrain UPND members from killing each other over the ongoing adoption process.

Mwanza was speaking at the Pamodzi Hotel yesterday in Lusaka where former MMD members Professor Lungwangwa and Teddy Kasonso were enriching their defection CVs with another defection to PF from UPND.

The two experienced crosstitutes also inducted into the science of defection Lufwanyama and Luampa Council Chairpersons who demonized the UPND as they received a green PF embrace to the sight of PF women’s choir dancing and singing.

In closing the defection ceremony, Mwanza said the PF was afraid that it may not have opponents to defeat in the impending polls as UPND members were beating and maiming each other over adoptions.

With tongue-cheek, Mwanza appealed in the interest of democracy to senior PF members to intervene in the UPND squabbles by urging then to co-exist as one family so that the ruling party could have some semblance of opposition.

Meanwhile, speaking earlier at the same event, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo said police would arrest Senior Chief Mukuni if it is proved that he was the one issuing threats against him.

Kampyongo vowed that police would clasp their handcuffs on whoever was breaking the law without remorse.



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