UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has said that removing the PF government will be the surest path towards restoring freedom and liberties to all Zambians.

The opposition leader has promised that all citizens will enjoy access to inherent human rights under his party’s premiership, regardless of religious, political, ethnic or racial background.

Mr Hichilema noted with regret that many Zambians today feel they cannot gather freely because their views disagree with the ruling Patriotic Front government.

He said that all freedoms had been curbed under the current regime, in particular freedom of speech and assembly for those with divergent views to the government. He promised these liberties would be restored under his leadership.

“All this shall soon be a thing of the past. We shall all be identified by one common denominator, Zambian!,” Mr Hichilema promised.

His comments come off the back of last month’s protests in Lusaka in support of freedom of speech, which were dispersed by police dressed in riot gear.

The government has come under serious scrutiny in recent months for its attitude towards freedom of speech. The arrest of photographer Chellah Tukuta, for criticising government officials on social media, is the latest in a long line of government crackdowns on dissenting views.


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