Renowned Mexican cartel boss ‘La Kena’ arrested

Jose Alberto Garcia Vilano, alias La Kena or Ciclon 19, leads the Los Ciclones

The head of a group of bad guys called the Gulf Cartel in Mexico got caught, according to local news.

José Alberto García Vilano, also known as La Kena or Ciclon 19, is said to be in charge of the violent gang Los Ciclones.

His group is being accused of taking four US citizens in March last year and causing the death of two of them.

Vilano was caught in a shopping area in Monterrey after officials were tipped off about where he was.

There is a video on social media that might show Vilano and his friends being walked through a mall by the police. But it is not confirmed if it is true.

Four people from the United States were taken by force in the city of Matamoros, which is right across from Brownsville, Texas.

Matamoros is in the middle of a fight between different groups of the Gulf Cartel. They are fighting to control the routes for smuggling drugs into the US.

Four people from America went across the border and into a town that was having problems to get plastic surgery, as told by their family members. Many Americans go to Mexico for cheaper medical treatment, but it can be risky.

Why one million people from America go to Mexico for medical tourism every year

A video showed the group getting into a pickup truck while men with big guns were there. One person is pushed onto the vehicle, while the others seem to be asleep and are pulled to the truck.

They had a difficult time for four days.

Two people named Zindell Brown and Shaeed Woodard were killed, along with a 33-year-old Mexican woman who was not involved in the situation.

The reason for the attack is not clear yet, but the Mexican authorities are looking into whether the group was thought to be part of a rival gang.

Shortly after the event, another group from the Gulf Cartel called the Scorpions Group, said sorry for the kidnapping and handed over five men they believed were responsible.

Since 2022, the government of Tamaulipas state in Mexico has offered a reward of 2,500,000 pesos (equal to $145,000 or £115,000) for information that helps catch Vilano in the city of Matamoros.

The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) was looking for him too.


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