Replace Freedom Fighters Medals With Money – Kayumba



By Brian Hantuba

National Freedom Fighter’s Association Secretary for Planning and Research Hamweende Kayumba has demanded that the trend of awarding National heroes with medals be replaced with a culture of gifting them with money.

He tells Byta FM News that government has for years recognised contributions of freedom fighters during independence commemorations – after which they return to their homes with a piece of cotton and metal, and continue living in poverty.

Kayumba says a person recognized by the nation could atleast be given a K100, 000 as a reward, so they can establish a farm and become financially independent.

He also calls for policies by government to include freedom fighters under the Social Cash Transfer Scheme, calling a specificial category to be created for national heroes.

Kayumba says there has been no deliberate effort to enrol freedom fighters under the scheme, with freedom fighters who appear on the beneficiary list only being there by chance.

A Monze Based Freedom Fighter has appealed to the New Dawn government to consider providing Senior Citizens with material and financial support in gratitude for their sacrifices in liberating the country.

Marvin Mazeko says that it would more worthwhile to support the welfare of freedom fighters while they are still alive, than to sing them praises when they depart.


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