Resident doctors should not take government for granted ……….

Charles Mbobela Hi five governance watch zambia

For some of us who have been on Govenments kneck in trying to expedite the process of recruiting 11200 health workers and 30 000 teachers as indicated in the 2022 national budget, it is frustrating our efforts, for unemployed doctors to claim they will not report for work if Govenment does not employ all of them.

These doctors must not take governments lukewarm approach for granted because most of them have been unemployed for almost 5 years and when this Govenment Gives an opportunity as it has done, they mustn’t try to be uncouth .

Govenment is cognizant of the fact that there is a deficit in the health sector and it is seemingly proactively bridging the deficit by employing , in so doing this however, it can not be unreasonable to an extent of employing beyond its budget .

Doctors must be aware that they are other professions which are also in serious need of employment like artisans , lawyers , engineers , accountants etc it is therefore folly for them to hold Govenment hostage by making benighted demands .

Doctors have been not been left out , let the Govenment now employ teachers and other professionals on the waiting list .


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