Lusaka-Saturday, 16th December 2023

The Patriotic Front held a Central Committee Meeting that was chaired by Party President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

The Party received a special report about the candidates for the upcoming ward by-elections in; Mayembe Ward in Shiwang’andu, Kapamba Ward in Mpika and Kayo Ward in Mwansabombwe districts.

The Central Committee called on party members to turn up in large numbers to escort and support the party candidates on the day of nominations scheduled for Tuesday, 19th December 2023.

The Meeting was also updated about the legal cases prevailing in the courts of law, a process to protect the legal ownership of the party against state-sponsored stooges.

The Central Committee has also extended, in the interim, the mandate of Party structures in the affected Provinces whose term had come to an end.

This was to allow the Secretariat and mobilisation teams to complete the current work and audit of membership.

The Central Committee has since tasked the Secretariat to draw up election calendars in the affected provinces.

And President Lungu has announced that he and the Members of the Central Committee will embark on a tour of party structures in provinces and districts to meet and mobilise Party members.

He called on members to prepare as Members of the Central Committee visit their structures.

And in his opening remarks, President Edgar Lungu called for unity and loyalty among members in the Party.

He said the Party was going through a difficult period which the leadership was determined to overcome with the support of members.

He urged members of the party to remain steadfast.

President Lungu also stated that it was now very clear that the attack on the Patriotic Front was a state-sponsored and state-orchestrated process attempting to supplant the leadership of the Party.

He bemoaned the fact that state and democratic institutions were being abused and forced to support illegalities.

He called on the Central Committee and other senior leaders across the country to be steadfast and resist the evil agenda as this was an attack against Democracy and the multi-party nature of Zambia.

He said the leadership should enforce a sense of discipline and vigilance, especially during this period.

President Lungu also bemoaned the poor state of the economy and the high cost of living that was affecting citizens adversely.

He said there appeared to be no government strategic policies to stem the high prices of mealie-meal, fuel, electricity, other commodities and the volatile foreign exchange market.

He encouraged the Party to continue propagating alternative policies and remind Zambians of the Party’s good works while it held office and ran government.

Meanwhile, the Central Committee thanked the Tutwa Ngulube’s family for standing firm even when it received tremendous pressure to cancel the memorial.

The Party leadership affirmed its desire to attend the Memorial when it comes up on 23rd December 2023.

President Lungu stated that the Party will always remember Tutwa Ngulube for his selfless leadership and his tireless commitment to the cause of the Patriotic Front and the Country.

Issued by
Hon. Raphael Nakacinda, MCC
Secretary General


    • @Wamu, thatstwhat I noticed too. Lungu is feeling ashamed to be found in these meetings .

      Nakachinda us lying by saying that this FACTION if PF has candidates for By-elections. It’s a blue lie.

      PF of Miles SAMPA is the one recognized by ECZ.

      Given’s PF are in for the ride

  1. Adults behaving like disgruntled brats. They are only fooling themselves. It’s Sampa’s faction that ECZ recognizes. Guys you’ve been dribbled by your servitude to your master ECL who is only concerned about his greedy push for stealing public resources. Now he even wants to change the constitutional statutes on retired presidents. He thinks by hiding from cameras we will say he has gone back to retirement. No we won’t allow Mutawali to steal from us again. Sampa mwaume…knock out punch!!!

  2. Looks like it’s Gunyu Masaka who rounded up these dejected looking poor souls. Only nine of them…forced to warm chairs in Gunyu’s charade….what a shame!!!!


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