By Mark Simuuwe


I saw a malicious propaganda statement by Fred M’membe in which he was blatantly making claims of corruption under the New Dawn Government.

Perhaps a closer look at specifics will help us assess his reasoning :

1. Firstly , it is a waste of time for him to talk about corruption when he has never reported anybody for corruption at the ACC as required by law . He has not also told us what has been stolen and how much and from who ?

2. Fred M’membe makes claims on Hon Stanley Kakubo who has not been charged or convicted for any corruption allegation. Nobody to date has told us what offence Stanley Kakubo has committed not even Fred himself .

3. Fred continues discussing corruption without telling us who stole what and how much was stolen from government , which makes his claims baseless and a waste of time .

4. He is talking of the UPND constitution which he does not understand by claiming that it is dictatorial.

Before we lecture him on the UPND constitution, he has not told us how he appointed new members in Socialist Party , and how only him knows how much money is given to the party by his sponsors .

Fred says the UPND constitution is dictatorial ; does he want the UPND constitution to be crafted like his PF constitution which , at face value , politicized the government institutions by providing a clause that all government institutions needed to be headed by the PF members ? Perhaps that explains why PF were claiming levies in markets and bus stops instead of the Council workers .

Like the PF constitution which Fred supported ,not all positions in the UPND are elective . For purposes of ethnic balancing , some positions require appointees . The logic behind is that when some positions are subjected to open elections, some ethnic groups will be completely eliminated from the party structures.

This is how UPND managed to have ethnic representation in all structures from the NMC to the lowest structures, the Branches national wide .

This is how smart the UPND constitution is especially when it comes to fulfilling the clause in the constitution of having a national character.

Even these appointees have to be ratified by the National Management Committee which is the supreme organ of the UPND .

5. The PF constitution was drafted in a manner that encouraged corruption by allowing PF to head all government institutions.

6 Clearly , Fred has no message for the people of Zambia and he will continue waffling as time for him to tell citizens what agenda he has for them is being squandered .

7. He is also talking of the President declaring his assets ; currently no law outside the election period compels the president to declare his assets.

Let Fred give us one law under the laws of Zambia which provides for his claim ; anyway , we know he would not do that because such a law does not exist and no President , not even President Michael Sata did that .

8. Has Fred M’membe himself declared assets outside the election? Has he told us how much he remitted to ZRA when he was running the Post ?

9. Fred has also not told Zambians how much a capitalist he is that he had to make sure he kicked out Anderson Kambela Mazoka from holding shares in the Post Newspaper so that he could be the only major shareholder in the Post Newspapers.

Socialism deals with profit sharing with others yet he failed to demonstrate profit sharing with anybody . How can he even tell us about socialism today ?

10. How did Fred fail to remit Pay as You Earn after deducting from workers at the Post Newspaper as per ZRA report ?

Fred is a type of human being who fails to make sensible arguments to appeal to citizens.

We challenge Fred M’membe to go and report corruption of any individual at the ACC . This will help us see through his malicious publications.


  1. As a country we made a mistake voting for a tribalist conman. I pray we have learnt our lesson and will put things right to remove this rubbish in 2026.

    • Ba Fuledi Me rem be come up with a list of thieves in the current UPND government to justify your claims.
      Answer the questions on tax that you evaded in your Post Newspaper.
      Your Post Newspaper workers bapo kufwa pay them their dues.
      People like you should never be allowed even to stand for Presidency, you are a bad seed for that position.

    • I don’t think you voted for President HH7. You’re PF or Socialist. Your false exposes your lack of credibility and unfit for public office.

  2. Indigo Tyrol kwena tautasha,ECL and the PF were vision less characters whose main agenda was to turn zambia in a Bemba Republic but thank God for coming to our Aid by voting the regime out of power. Viva HH and the UPND as well the Zambians.

  3. M’meembe is a being malicious due to jealousy. Zambia being a Christian nation, he knows that he won’t become Republican President following Winter Kabimba’s revelation. M’meembe has since failed to refute the claim. His strategy is “kufilila munsenga.” He is vindictive and doesn’t mean well for Zambia.

  4. Well Mark has said it all and thrown the gauntlet..all gloves are off.
    The challenge is on…asuka Mmembe. How did you dribble your own ba Pongozi….kikikik
    Zamaya kaw ACC….and let know what and who you have reprted


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