UPND Consultant, Mark Simuuwe


By Mark Simuuwe

1. PF collected farmers’ maize and refused to pay them their money; the farmers they refused to pay were 258,000 .

2. UPND came in power and released k1.6billion and paid all the 258,000 farmers .
3. ⁠The maize being referred to by PF belonged to farmers who needed to be paid and were paid following an export of part of the maize .

4. ⁠As a general practice , FRA kept or reserved maize enough for consumption for Zambians and that’s why they were able to release 250,000 metric tons early last year in 2023 when there was a demand for mealie meal in some parts of the country created by smuggling ;

5. ⁠PF also left export agreements and the then minister of Agriculture
Dora Siliya justified the PF government maize export by saying as quoted by the Lusaka Times media :

“We allowed for the export to Malawi because the contract was signed before the ban on export was effected, the contract was signed in June 2016 under a government arrangement to help Malawi with the commodity following a drought that spared Zambia in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC),” Agriculture Minister, Dora Siliya told Lusaka Times.”

End of quote :

6. It is first important for us to agree on principle that it was necessary for President Hichilema to declare the dry spell situation as a national disaster well in advance before any harvest was made – this is what a serious government does .

7. ⁠President HH and his team soon announced the UPND New Dawn Administration mitigation framework involving 17,000 farmers earmarked for support including irrigation as an alternative to natural rainfall ;

8. ⁠President Hichilema has been consistent on water harvesting and explaining the threats of climate change and this is why he introduced the ministry of Green Economy which is bringing to the table carbon trading projects , as this is particularly discussed in the 2024 national budget ;

9. ⁠Government has no control of a dry spell as it is a natural disaster which is not occurring for the first time – Zambians may recall that around 1992 , we were again hit by the same dry spell ;

10. Government has also undertaken to invest in irrigation farming after releasing K1million in 2022 to audit farm blocks across the country so that government could commence the production of maize using ZNS , which has already commenced;

11. ⁠in addition , government did not see the export of maize as a threat but as an opportunity and this is why there is more emphasis on more Citizens to come on board and take agricultural as a business ;

12. ⁠in 2023 , government decided to allocate over k30 million credit facility to help Zambians invest in farming , under relaxed terms , with FRA commanding an off take agreement for those that produced maize ;

13. ⁠Government is committed to ensuring that a lasting solution to the situation caused by a dry spell is resolved so that there is food security in Zambia .

14. Two week ago , the Minister of Agriculture announced other measures such as imposing a maize export ban in the interim until the situation caused by a dry spell is adequately assessed.


Citizens should not listen to the opposition because opposition have no solutions to the current situation , neither can they do anything to resolve the situation as they are not running government.

Only the UPND New Dawn government has control of the situation.


  1. Why could the UPND government not use money it allocated to CDF to pay farmers who were owed by GRZ? Was it then wise in retrospect for the UPND to sell off maize from FRA in order to raise money to pay farmers that were owed? What else have we seen come out of CDF other than 1×3 classroom blocks that are not even enough to take in the increased number of pupils in school? In addition, was it wise for UPND to sell off our maize reserve with forecasts of drought that go as far back as two years back?

  2. Correct Mr.Simuuwe , continue educating these arm chair critics who are bend on criticing every good things the Government is doing for the people of this Country Zambia

  3. For the avoidance of doubt, watch the video of former Information Minister and Government spokesperson, Chushi Kasanda explaining the sale of FRA maize at https:/

  4. In that video, Chushi Kasanda talks about maize having been in “abundance” in FRA sheds. Hence the sell of the stock. She is not talking about selling maize to pay off farmers that were being owed by GRZ. Simuuwe should avoid being economical with the truth. He cannot spin the fact of UPND having depleted FRA maize reserves out of their attempt to make money for themselves and their agents who were exporting the maize.

  5. Mark just keep quiet + the “all know it all” boss built castles of bumper harvest out of thin air agric policies.
    It’s so painful that despite having very favourable rainfall past 2 years at least for growing maize we can be lamenting and declare a disaster just for one year of poor harvest. Where is our food security stewardship as leaders entrusted with this sacred duty of governance?
    Look at the chaotic farmer input support program past 2 years?

  6. Simuwe is wanna-be ameteur spin doctor who thinks and to some extent believes he is addressing primary school kids. I often feel embarassed on his behalf. He thinks he is a very good spin doctor. But I dont blame him he needs help therefore I feel sorry for him.


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