Retired headmaster earns US$13 to US$22 pension per month in Zimbabwe

Chamisa Mnangagwa

In a revelation that exposes the extent to which the economy has imploded in Zimbabwe, a retired headmaster is reportedly earning between USD$13 to US$22 a month.

On Wednesday, Chairman of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence, Home Affairs and Security Services Brig Gen (Rtd) Levy Mayihlome asked the leader of government business in Parliament, Ziyambi Ziyambi, when civil servants and pensioners’ salaries were going to be reviewed.

In his question, the Umzingwane legislator stated that a retired headmaster was earning between an equivalent of US$13 to US$22 per month.

“Thank you Mr. Speaker Sir. My supplementary question to the Leader of Government Business is, if you consider a retired headmaster earning between an equivalent of US$13 to US$22 per month then you will tell these senior citizens who have built this country to where it is today and who have made us what we are, sitting in this august House and say they should survive on US$22 per month.

“How far can US$22 take you Hon. Minister? How many hours does that amount of money take you? I think we should not be insensitive to the plight of pensioners because they are powerless and they are old. Then we say we will review when Government is going to review. When is that review going to be done Hon. Minister? I thank you.

Ziyambi responded: “Thank you Mr. Speaker Sir. The way I understood the first question was the policy as regards when reviews are done and that is what I answered. As to when the exact date, that will depend on the negotiations that are being done by the Tripartite Negotiating Forum.”

With the Zimbabwean dollar being too volatile, losing value everyday, civil servants are constantly demanding salaries in US dollars. But the government has remained adamant saying the use of the local currency would strengthen the economy.


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