The National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chisimba Kambwili seems to be contemplating retracing his footsteps back to the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) party, in a move that would appear as betrayal to those who voted for him and his party.

Kambwili, a former member of the PF, is one of the popular opposition leaders who have been giving President Edgar Lungu and his party a good run for their money. He was sacked from the party for unclear reasons, but recently said if the ruling party needs him back, Lungu should apologise first.

This seems to confirm the rumour that has been going around that the opposition leader was toying with the idea of returning to the PF party. Meanwhile, if his sentiments are anything to go by there will be some far reaching implications should he make the move.

If he contests in the next general elections, he would split some votes for the ruling party in the Copperbelt Province and the Northern parts of the country, which are the ruling party’s strongholds. With Copperbelt being the second largest voting province, the move would benefit Hakainde Hichilema and his party.

Kambwili is a good campaigner, and Lungu would be happy having him back. In the same light, if he rejoins the PF, they would regain the lost ground in those areas. In that case the only candidate who would spoil the party for them would be Harry Kalaba, another ex-minister.

Meanwhile, at one time Kambwili, poured cold water on reports that he was thinking of rejoining the PF. This came after the ruling party’s deputy national mobilisation chairman Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba was quoted saying the party was in talks with Kambwili to negotiate his return.

“The National Democratic Congress, NDC, is concerned with the propaganda going round that Chishimba Kambwili is going back to the Patriotic Front. The party would like to urge the members that the president is committed to the party and remains president of NDC, with no intentions of rejoining the PF.

“The whole story came as a shock to me as I have never even met Mr. Chikwanda since I left the government. The only time I spoke to him was three months ago when he was hospitalised and I called to wish him a quick recovery,” Kambwili said at that time in a statement issued by NDC spokesperson Saboi Imboela. -Zambian Eye


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