Antonio Mwanza
Antonio Mwanza


Satisfy domestic demand before exporting power…

Saturday 9th March, 2024

These are the official figures from the Zambezi Water Authority regarding the water levels at Kariba Dam.

From the figures below, it is clear that we have MORE water now than we had last year (at this same period)

The question, therefore, is where is the 8 hours of load shedding coming from, when we have MORE water now than we had last year?

The only probable explanation can be the fact that because of exceeding ZESCO exports of electricity, we have created a man made power deficit.

No one is against exports per say, what we are against is PUNISHING your own people with long hours of load shedding while giving power to foreign countries. What we are against is collapsing your own economy with power cuts while boosting the economy of your neighbours.

With the current high cost of fuel and other alternative sources of energy, this 8 hour load shedding per day will only worsen the cost of doing business and exacerbate deforestation through increased use of charcoal, thereby worsening climate change impacts on our environment.

It is imperative for Government to REVIEW its policy and the existing power export agreements otherwise by the end of this year, Zambia’s economy will completely collapse.

If in March we have 8 hours of load shedding per day, think of how bad the situation will be by October, when the water levels further go down.

Antonio Mourinho Mwanza
Deputy General Secretary
Socialist Party – Zambia


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