Rick Ross Applies Pressure On Drake, ‘Exposes’ Him For Using A Ghostwriter


Tensions are escalating as Rick Ross continues to apply pressure in his rivalry with Drake. The dispute has taken a new turn with Lil Yachty’s involvement, adding another layer to the unfolding drama.

The situation intensified on Monday, April 15, 2024, when a reference track allegedly recorded by Lil Yachty for Drake’s 2022 hit “Jumbotron Shit Poppin” surfaced online. An unidentified source from Atlanta disseminated The track to various media platforms, sparking widespread speculation.

Commentator Akademiks discussed the matter during a session on his Rumble channel, suggesting that producer Metro Boomin, who disagreed with Drake, might be responsible for the leak. This claim has added fuel to the already fiery feud.

The following day, Rick Ross seized the opportunity to provoke Drake further. He publicly accused Lil Yachty of ghostwriting for the Canadian artist, a claim that resonates with past allegations of uncredited contributions to Drake’s work. This accusation is another jab in the ongoing conflict between the two rappers.

Earlier in the week, Rick Ross intensified the feud by dropping a diss track titled “Champagne Moments,” which was released across streaming services. The track’s cover art is satirical, mocking Drake’s heritage. This bold move by Ross demonstrates his willingness to push boundaries in their rivalry.

Adding to the controversy, Ross shared screenshots of his interactions with Drake via direct messages on Instagram. In a particularly taunting message, Ross sent a picture of himself wearing a hoodie adorned with Drake’s image, accompanied by a provocative caption.

Rick Ross drops ‘proof’ of Drake’s nose job
Meanwhile, Rick Ross has also dropped what he claims to be proof of Drake undergoing plastic surgery on his nose.

What once was a dynamic duo in the music industry has now devolved into a bitter feud, marked by personal jabs and diss tracks.

The dispute reached new heights when the MMG mogul, Rick Ross, took to social media to make his claims public.


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