Rick Ross Jabs Birdman In Drake Beef, Reveals He Is Broke


American rapper Rick Ross has brought Birdman into his ongoing feud with Drake. Ross, also known as “Rozay,” took to Instagram to air out some of Birdman’s issues, adding a new twist to the drama.

Ross claimed that Birdman, the co-founder of Cash Money Records, has been facing financial difficulties, with one of his homes foreclosing.

This claim seems to hold water as Birdman was reportedly evicted from his Miami Beach mansion in 2018 due to failure to meet his mortgage payments.

In December 2021, Birdman also faced a lawsuit for allegedly refusing to pay rent for a Bel-Air mansion for 5 months. He reportedly owed $141k in rent and a $6,624 cleaning bill.

Additionally, in 2019, Birdman reportedly closed several bank accounts, which prevented his ex-employee from collecting the $1 million owed.

The mansion, a waterfront property, was sold for a whopping $10.85 million. However, this amount was almost $5 million less than what Birdman originally paid for it, further highlighting his financial struggles. The rapper has also faced allegations of stealing money. However, he has denied these allegations.

But Ross didn’t stop there. He also took a jab at Drake, joking that the “6 God” employs a team of ghostwriters for his social media posts.

In a bold move, Ross gave Drake a two-day ultimatum to step up and help Birdman, his former label boss. This daring challenge put Drake in the spotlight and fuels their ongoing feud.

Rick Ross dares Drake to become his neighbor
Meanwhile, Rick Ross has extended an unusual invitation to Drake. Ross has asked Drake to be his neighbor on the luxurious Star Island.

Ross took to social media to showcase his wealth and the ongoing construction at his mansion in the upscale Miami Beach neighborhood. He revealed that a vacant lot beside his property sells for $37 million.
He suggested that Drake, or any of his wealthy friends, might be interested in becoming his neighbor.


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