Rick Ross Reveals He Uses Private Jet Hanger To Store His Luxury Cars


Rick Ross has revealed that he needs to use a private jet hanger to store the huge amount of luxury cars in his possession. He detailed his collection during a series of recent posts on his Instagram Story. After promoting his new album with Meek Mill, Too Good To Be True, Ross took fans on a tour showing off his cars as well as his private jet.

“Number one album in the streets, me and Meek Mill’s Too Good To Be True. But salute and congratulations to all the artists that released their projects along with us. But we need everybody to stream, download, and post Too Good To Be True. And once again, salute to the real DJs, the real platforms, blogs, etc.” From there, he remarked that he’ll be giving shout-outs all week.

Ross and Meek’s Too Good To Be True only ended up selling just over 31,000 copies in its first week. Meek addressed the low figure during a rant on Twitter when the initial projections came in. He wrote at the time: “It’s says me and Ross on pace to sell 35k first week I would post if it said 350k… I’m too nice and rich to be rapping in a control music environment that’s why we dropping music on Fridays it’s doesn’t make sense …. Now we all own our music we getting the tech built to put people on our own musical subscriptions and we gone let direct to consumer see if rap if doing well.” Shortly afterward, Meek added in another post: “Staring at social media fantasizing about others lives and getting mentally sick! I seen it happen to so many people! It’s like a clout zombie effect.”

Rick Ross On Maintaining His Luxury Cars


Ross’ car collection isn’t shocking, considering he hosts an annual car show in Georgia.


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