Dr. Fred M'membe


Mr Hakainde Hichilema’s desperate agenda to change the Constitution to perpetuate his stay in office may mark the beginning of the end for him.

This agenda he is starting will lose him even the little support he has. It is a very dangerous and unwise trip he is embarking on. Here, he will face the real fight and his Waterloo.

In brief, Mr Hichilema wants to:

– remove the 50%+1 to revert to First Past the post electoral system to avoid a rerun, which he fears he can’t win

– remove the 5-year presidential term of office and introduce a 7-year presidential term of office

– abolition of presidential Running Mate clause and reintroduce the appointment of the Vice-President to increase his powers, dominance, and patronage

The Minister of Justice, Mr Mulambe Haimbe, in September this year, announced that the government had embarked on the process to amend the Republican Constitution in a phased process, which would include:

1. the first phase- Government would attend to what he termed as “non-contentious” issues

2. the second phase – would involve the holding of a referendum on the Bill of Rights

3. the third phase would involve the government undertaking a holistic review of the Constitution.

Over the Constitution, Mr Hichilema must be opposed to the maximum in both the hot waters and the cool salons of political manipulation.

On this one, Mr Hichilema is testing the depth of the sea with both legs. He will face unseen resistance and rejection from the general public and literally all stakeholders in the country.

No section of the Zambian society will accept the perpetuation of his tyranny, corruption, tribalism, puppetry, manipulation, and deceit through the back door. He is the most dishonest, unpatriotic, and divisive president so far, and nobody would want him for 7 years and beyond.

Let him just accept that his time is up and that any attempts to force things will be too big a risk for him and his government.

It will backfire badly!

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Regrettably like always there’s no truth in what Mmembe is talking about. The Man is becoming an expert in falsehoods. To begin with a constitutional amendment would require two thirds vote to pass. UPND does not have these numbers.
    Mmembe for once say something sensible. Not writing lies all the time, things which if called upon to substantiate you claim is persecution.

  2. M’membe no longer says anything sensible, and it’s his long and worthless articles are not even worth reading. HH has just stayed in power just for two years, and you are already saying that he wants to change the constitution in order to perpetuate his stay in power. Instead of believing the truth, you always like to believe and peddling lies because they are the ones which suit you.

  3. I don’t normally finish reading Fred’s Articles, they are too long and rumbling with very little content in them. But in this Article that he has written he uses phrases like:”….what Mr Hichilema is doing will lose him the little support he still has……This is dangerous to Mr. Hichilema….”. Shouldn’t Fred be happy about this because it’s working to his advantage? I like his fellow Marxist the late Mozambiquen President Field Marshall Samora Machel’ famous Phrase:”If you see your Enemy making a Mistake, don’t disturb him”
    Why can’t Fred follow that?

  4. Rumours, lies, inuendos and unfounded hatred will not send you to state house. Instead, they will just alienate you from the people.
    Talk about economic issues like high poverty levels, unemployment and the rising cost of living.

  5. These are fake issues. You Bwana Mmembe your old school of thought has made your life become bitter for nothing.
    I have not seen one old man full of bitter with words in his mouth full of malice.
    By the way where is your vice president Dr. Musumali? Has he gone for training to Cuba or Russia?

  6. Mmembe should know that the very people he thinks he can deceive and manipulate through his propaganda are enlightened enough to see him as a cheap pathological liar. Mmembe should know that the days of Joseph Goebbels are long gone. He should also know that the contents of his articles are most meant to incite people to engage in illegal activities.
    He can be arrested for breaking the law. In fact the man is already facing charges on similar issues. But he calls it political persecution by President Hakainde Hichilema. Well, he can cry about being persecuted as loud as he wants, but the truth everyone knows is that Mmembe deliberately and intentionally breaks the law knowing fully well that he will be arrested. He thinks that way he will gain sympathy and support from the public.
    But Mmembe is doing himself and his political aspirations a disservice. People know him as a useless alarmist.

  7. This was a write up by mr propaganda mwamba and fuledi as dull as he is just doing copy and paste without seeking the truth. These politicians are a joke.


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