Robert De Niro storms courtroom amid squabble with former assistant

De Niro is being sued for $12m in the gender discrimination and retaliation lawsuit

Robert De Niro yelled “you should be ashamed” at his ex-worker in a courtroom, while denying accusations of being a mean and disrespectful boss.

The famous person was talking on the second day of a legal case where both he and Graham Chase Robinson are suing each other.

De Niro said he never treated her badly, but admitted he might have called her a name when he missed a meeting because she didn’t wake him up.

“He said that he got mad once,” according to the Associated Press.

The famous actor from movies like Raging Bull and Taxi Driver admitted that he scolded her on that occasion and was angry, but he did not mistreat her.
According to Deadline, De Niro disagreed with Ms Robinson’s claims that she was constantly serving him during her time working for him, and there were moments of negativity during their testimony.

“He said she is telling us that she is in front of the building, on her knees, cleaning the floor. ”

De Niro said that there was never any inappropriate behavior or rudeness or strangeness that you’re suggesting. Then he looked at her and said, “You should be ashamed, Chase Robinson. ”

He admitted that he had asked her to scratch his back a couple of times when he couldn’t reach it, but he said it was never meant to disrespect her.

In addition to other things, Ms. Robinson mentioned that he once asked her to bring him a martini from Nobu restaurant while she was in an Uber, late at night.

“Maybe it could have happened,” De Niro responded, as reported by the Times, explaining that using an Uber was reasonable.

The actor was asked why he called her two times to ask her to buy a bus ticket for his teenager. He replied by saying “So. ” and claimed that he didn’t know she was at a family member’s funeral when he called.

Tasks that are typically associated with women.

In 2008, Ms Robinson started working as the actor’s helper. Later on, she got promoted to be the vice-president of a company called Canal Productions, where she oversaw the production and financial aspects.

She departed in 2019 and took legal action against the two-time Oscar recipient, seeking $12 million (£9. 8 million) in a lawsuit.

Ms Robinson says she did not receive enough money from her employer because she is a woman. Her boss also made disrespectful comments about her gender. He treated her like a personal assistant rather than as an equal colleague. In addition, he gave her tasks that are usually associated with women, such as sewing clothes and doing laundry.

De Niro said in court on Monday that her claims were “all nonsense”.

He is taking Ms Robinson to court for $6 million because he believes she moved over $450,000 in airline miles to her own account without permission. He also claims she used company money for personal expenses like food, travel, and other services. Additionally, he says she watched a lot of Netflix while at work.

Her lawyers have stated that his lawsuit contains many untrue accusations. The trial in New York is going to continue for two weeks.


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