Royal Caribbean employee charged with concealing cameras to monitor visitors

Symphony of the Seas cruise ship is shown docked at PortMiami, in Miami. A 34-year-old Royal Caribbean cruise employee is accused of hiding cameras inside bathrooms of passenger cabins to spy on guests.

An employee who works on Royal Caribbean cruises is being accused of putting cameras in the bathrooms of passenger rooms to watch people, even young girls.

Arvin Joseph Mirasol, 34, was arrested on Sunday for making and having photos and videos of children being abused. The arrest happened when the Symphony of the Seas ship arrived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This information is from an affidavit filed in the U.S Court in Florida. He is also accused of watching people in a sneaky way six times in a state court case.

A person staying in a cabin where Mirasol worked found a camera in the bathroom on February. The art museum is open from nine to five on weekdays, and from ten to six on weekends. It was stuck to the counter beneath the sink, as stated in the document. She told the people in charge of the ship, and they sent security to check the room.

Mirasol, from the Philippines, was held on the ship until it arrived in Fort Lauderdale on March 3rd. He was asked questions by officials from Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, and the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators found many videos of naked women and pictures of children being sexually abused when they looked at his phone, SD card, and USB stick, according to the written statement. One of the videos showed Mirasol putting a camera in a bathroom of a guest cabin.

A 10-year-old girl went into the bathroom, took off her clothes, and took a shower all in a five-minute video.

Mirasol said he had been putting cameras in bathrooms since he started working on the ship in December when talking to investigators.

“I want to manage it, but I’m unable to,” he told investigators, as stated in the affidavit. He said he knew it was wrong to film young girls who are under age. The agents wanted to know how he decided where to place the cameras. “He said, ‘If I like the people in that room, I will put it there. ‘”

Besides the secret cameras, Mirasol told the agents that he would sneak into rooms while guests were showering and hide under the bed. He would then film them while they were getting dressed, according to the official statement.

Royal Caribbean said they have fired Mirasol and are working with the investigation.

“We do not accept this behavior at all,” the statement said.

Mirasol has a lawyer named Robert Berube who works for the government. He said he won’t talk about the case in an email. Mirasol stayed in jail in Broward County on Wednesday.


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