Rudy Giuliani to assist in 2020 election slander lawsuit

Ruby Freeman has claimed she feared for her life after Rudy Giuliani amplified baseless rumours about her in 2020.

Rudy Giuliani has to go to court on Thursday because he said false things about two election workers after the 2020 election.

Ruby Freeman, a former poll worker, and her daughter Wandrea Moss are taking legal action against Mr Giuliani for saying untrue things about them being involved in election fraud.

Ms Moss said she was very scared because of the pro-Trump groups after Mr. Giuliani posted a video of her in 2020.

He has been declared responsible, now they are deciding on the consequences.

Ms Freeman and Ms Moss want $15m to $43m in money for what they say they have suffered. Giuliani, who is Donald Trump’s lawyer, says he does not have that much money to give them. Giuliani said in court that he lied about the pair.

In a court in Washington DC, Ms Freeman told how she had to run away when a bunch of Trump supporters came to her house and the FBI warned her that she was at risk.

“I felt like they were going to hurt me with their ropes on my street,” she said. “I was really afraid. ” I didn’t know if they were going to hurt me.

Also,Freeman mentioned that she feels lonely because her friends and acquaintances are scared to be seen with her. As a result, she now lives alone and is afraid of being recognized in public.

“It’s really frightening. Every time I have to say my name when I go somewhere,” she said. “Right now, I don’t actually have a name. ”

Ms Freeman and her daughter’s lawyers finished presenting their evidence on Wednesday.

Mr Giuliani helped Mr Trump try to change the results of the 2020 election by saying over and over again that the election was not fair.

During the trial, a teacher from Northwestern University, Ashlee Humphreys, said on Wednesday that many people saw Mr Giuliani’s mean comments, up to 56 million times.

The judge in Ms. Freeman’s case won’t let her talk about the false election fraud claims in court. However, he keeps saying outside the court that the lies he told about Ms. Moss and Ms. Freeman are true.

“On Monday, he said that when he tells what happened, you will understand and see that what he said was true. He also said that whatever happened to them, if others overreacted, it was not their fault, but everything he said about them is true. ” “Of course I don’t feel bad about it, I told the truth. ”

Mr Giuliani is in trouble in Georgia for being involved in a plan to change the election results with Mr Trump and others. He says he didn’t do it.


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