Russia issues emergency decree in response to unidentified nuclear release


A Russian city has declared a state of emergency because of dangerous nuclear pollution. The Russian government has not said why there is so much radiation in Khabarovsk.

A mysterious radiation source was taken out and put in a safe container. Then it was taken to a special place for radioactive waste in the city, which is the biggest in Russia’s far east and near the border with China.

There will be a state of emergency in the Industrial district of the city for at least three more days while the police investigate the source of the leak.

It seems like it took a week for the authorities to do something.

A person wearing a special mask to protect against radiation is walking in a dark area. A device he is holding shows that the radiation levels are increasing as he walks over a place where waste is dumped.

His device beeped at a radiation level of 0.45 microsieverts, and the highest level on the screen was 5.9

But in the video, the man says that the reading was 20, which could increase the risk of cancer, harm DNA, cause harm to unborn babies, and hurt the health of children.

Surprisingly, the dangerous radiation leak in Khabarovsk was known for about a week before anything was done about it or the public was told, according to reports.

A young person noticed something unusual on 28 March and told the Russian special services, but it wasn’t until today that a state of emergency was declared.

Andrey Kolchin, who is in charge of civil defense in the city, said: “We found a place where radiation levels are higher than usual. we put a barrier around the area. ”

“It was decided to declare a state of emergency in Khabarovsk in order to get things done more quickly. ”

The officials said that there is no danger to people’s lives.

“The radiation source was taken out and put in a safe container, then taken to a place to store radioactive waste,” a person at Radon nuclear agency said.

‘There is no pollution in the environment and society is not in danger. ‘

Khabarovsk is a city with 630,000 people and it is situated along the Amur River.


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