Russian armed groups from Ukraine report attacks into Russia


Three groups of Russian fighters from Ukraine say they have entered Russia and are now fighting against the government’s army.

The Freedom of Russia Legion (FRL) and Siberian Battalion (SB) shared videos claiming to show their soldiers in the Belgorod and Kursk regions of Russia.

The FRL and a Russian politician who was forced to leave his country said that “liberation forces” now have control of two villages.

Russia’s military department said they stopped the breakthrough attempts.

Ukraine’s military said they were not involved in the raids that happened across the border on Tuesday. Andriy Yusov, who speaks for the country’s military intelligence, said the paramilitary groups are independent organizations made up of Russian people, so they are operating in Russia.

In another situation, Russia said Ukraine sent 25 drones to attack Russia, but the attack was stopped. But, there are videos that seem to show many Russian oil facilities burning.

A military plane crashed near Moscow in the Ivanovo region. There were eight crew members and seven passengers on board. The plane went down shortly after it took off. This information came from Russia’s defence ministry, as reported by state-run news agencies.

The ministry said that the crash happened because the engine caught on fire. It did not say who survived.

Videos have come out showing a plane on fire flying in the sky, and then a lot of black smoke from where it crashed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin started a big war in Ukraine three years ago and it doesn’t seem like it will end anytime soon. It’s the biggest war in Europe since World War Two.

On Tuesday, the FRL shared a video that they said was from the border between Russia and Ukraine.

“We in the Legion want Russia to be free from Putin’s control, just like everyone else. ” But we don’t just imagine things, we work hard to make them happen. “We will slowly reclaim our land from the government,” a soldier with a gun said in the video.

At the same time, the SB reported that there is intense fighting happening on Russian land. They also showed a video of their fighters fighting against Russian government forces.

It also criticized the Russian presidential elections that are supposed to happen from 15th to 17th March, where Mr. Putin is predicted to win.

Voting and voting places are not real in this situation. The SB said that you can only improve your life if you have weapons in your hands.

Another group from Russia that is in Ukraine, called the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK), shared videos of its members fighting against the Russian government troops.

“The soldiers in the Kremlin’s army stopped fighting before the battle even began,” it was said.

Tetkino, a small village in the Kursk region, was one of the places attacked on Tuesday. The FRL said they now have full control over the village.

The media has checked and confirmed that the FRL footage showing a strike on a military vehicle in Tetkino is real.

Kursk Mayor Igor Kutsak decided to have all schools in the area switch to online classes from March 13th to 15th because of something that happened recently.

He also said that the city still has a system to let people know if there is a missile coming. The city has more than 400,000 people.

Earlier today, a Russian politician from Ukraine named Illya Ponomarev said that a border village in the Belgorod region called Lozovaya Rudka is now controlled by forces that are trying to free it.

On Tuesday, the Russian defense ministry said its forces, border guards, and FSB security service stopped the Kyiv regime from trying to enter Russia.

The report said that enemy soldiers, with tanks and armored vehicles, tried to invade Russia at the same time in three different areas in Belgorod region.

It also said that there were four more attacks on Tetkino, but they were pushed back.

Russian groups from Ukraine have been attacking across the border into Ukraine since the invasion started.

In May of last year, the Russian military stopped a similar attack in the Belgorod region and defeated the armed rebels.


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