Saboi ‘faints’ After A Moving Court Testimony By State House Media Director Clayson Hamasaka This Morning



There was drama at Lusaka Magistrate Court this morning after the NDC leader Saboi Imboela applied for adjournment of her case of defaming the State House Media Director Clayson Hamasaka because she had developed dizziness

In the continued trial of the case where Saboi accused of defaming Mr. Hamasaka last year in September, the State Prosecutors presented Mr. Hamasaka as a key witness and complainant in the case.

Mr. Hamasaka, who was on the Copperbelt with the President in September at the time of the malicious posts, recounted how his integrity, reputation, character and demeanour had been lowered in the eyes of the Zambian public because of the false reports by Saboi.

In a moving and emotional testimony, Hamasaka told the court “Your honour, after I saw those posts by Saboi, I prayed to God for guidance so that I don’t make an emotional and irrational decision. I have a family and grown up children who have access to these social media platforms. I imagined how my wife, my children, my relatives and workmates viewed me after those falsehoods by Saboi. I have lost my demeanour, my integrity which has been built over years in my professional career as a media practitioner. I have never done any of those things that Saboi alleged hence I am here in court seeking relief so that my reputation can be restored. What is even more damaging is the fact that these allegations were being made by one of the largest opposition party leaders in the country, so it is very easy for the population to believe things coming from a person like Saboi occupying such a position in society.”

In cross examination, the defence team tried to argue that the Hamasaka that was referred to in the posts was not the Clayson Hamasaka who was currently giving testimony in court, but someone else since he is not the only one with that name in the country.

But Mr. Hamasaka insisted that Saboi was very particular in some posts by singling out the name Clayson Hamasaka who works in State House.

“Your honour, there is currently no other person with the names Clayson Hamasaka working for State House hence there was no doubt that the Hamasaka being referred to in the posts was myself”, Hamasaka argued.

Drama started after the testimony by Mr. Hamasaka when the state Prosecutors wanted to present another witness. Saboi requested her lawyers to ask for an adjournment because she was feeling dizzy despite the fact that she was seated throughout the proceedings.

“Your honour, I have a note from our client that she is almost fainting and feeling dizzy so we ask for an adjournment”, her lawyers requested.

Feeling pity with her, the court granted Saboi an adjournment to next week so she can recover.

Trial continues

-Zambia Eagle


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