SACKED CIVIL SERVANTS, “TAKE HEART,”…when PF bounces back, it will take them back into government – Brian Mundubile



………… as Member of the Central Committee Brian Mundubile says when PF bounces back, it will take them back into government.

Kelvin Sichizya in Kasama

January 23, 2024

The Patriotic Front (PF) has advised civil Servants who were dismissed by the ruling UPND to “take heart” as it would consider taking them back into government when it bounces back into government in 2026.

And PF Member of the Central Committee Brian Mundubile has called for hard work among Civil Servants to promote unity and says promotions will be earned according to merit and qualifications and not based on “names”.

Mr. Mundubile was speaking on radio Mano in Kasama when he said the UPND has dismissed long serving and experienced Civil Servants to replace them with inexperienced cadres and said when PF bounces back into government, it will bring them back into their positions.

He told Zambians to be alert and start comparing between the UPND leadership and the former government leaders so that they could make informed decisions.

“Note what the leaders are saying, is it something on development of just insulting, talking about others or unifying the nation?

He called on the people to ignore what is happening, in the UPND and look forward to better future.


  1. Ba Brian Mundubile you are free to dream endlessly as much as your capability can take you into the world of fantasy. Your PF club is now peacefully resting in a Political Mortuary awaiting final burial in 2026. Seriously speaking there’s nothing positively special about PF Kelenka leadership which UNIP and MMD failed show Zambians. I submit

  2. Hon. Mundubile, when are you going to come terms? Two years down the line, you are still dreaming of coming back, I really feel pity for you. Sure you think we Zambians can allow you to come back and loot the treasury, ransack the economy, start borrowing recklessly and start chopping us with pangas. Who would want to go back to those days again? As a party, you are embroidered with wrangles which have torn you into two factions, you have failed to do your convention, you have failed to rebrand, you have failed to show any remorse and apologize to the people of Zambia, you have failed to surrender back the loot, so what do you have to offer even if you came back? May be gassing in an advanced form now. Continue dreaming, UNIP and MMD had the same hope, but they never came back.

  3. This man is completely lost in dream land. Share the PF spoils among those civil servants instead of among concubines and your own family lineage now since PF is dead. We are enjoying the peace, no amount of increased cost of living will make us vote you back! Since i do not travel out, that US dollar fx rate you are forever talking about, does not affect me. Imwe chimubabanii because your children are in universities and school outside the country. Ine they are in govt bursary locally and are now accessing it without oiling anyone.

  4. Mr. Mundubile it is such utterances that got you voted out.
    I will say it again, it is such utterances that got you voted out.
    Those Civil Servants were fired for a reason. If they had legal recourse they would have gone to court. Keep taunting and it will lead them to be prosecuted as some of them idulged in criminal activities as they ran government.
    Sadly, some of their criminal activities will lead to your door step.
    You hoped from MMD to PF. Cause you saw that there was benefit you would derive in monetary terms and thats what Politics means to you. You dont serve Zambians you are self serving persons who use politcal office to line your pockets.
    There are no spare parts for that “Rollo” that you bought. Neither are the people in your constituency aware you own such a car and how much its worth. Imagine if they knew in comparision to the resources you put to serve them.

  5. I feel sorry for those civil servants then because they will be wallowing in false hope as PF will never come back. Better you do something else and move on instead of relying on PF to bring you back only to commit suicide later.

  6. Aha aha aha aha ahahaha aaaaaaaaa
    kikikikikikikikikikikiki. Yaba, please ba Chainama there is your patient. This isn’t just an illusion or hallucination, it is mental sickness coupled with stupidiotic syndrome of the balls that occurs in mental patients who may have lost their first stage of abnormalities and are now extra abnormal and think that people around them are also mad and stupid.

    How can this idiot ever imagine bouncing back as if this country belongs to his grandmother? STUPID IDIOTS, you gassed us, stole from us, murdered innocent citizens, looted and plundered our resources and sentenced us to the high cost of living by your reckless borrowing and theft of the same borrowed loot. Shameless STUPID IDIOTS. Yes you will bounce back in your toilets with your stinking diarrhoea. SWINE.

  7. Honourable Brian Mundubile stop cheap politicking it makes you look more desperate, foolish and senseless. We expect you to provide tangible and realistic checks and balances to the ruling government. Instead, your talk is always out of bitterness, envy, jealous and hypocrisy which is outrageous.


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