SAD:Lusaka man takes his own life to escape his wife’s pr0miscuity!


SAD:Lusaka man takes his own life to escape his wife’s pr0miscuity!

Alleged woman’s pr0miscuity has led a Lusaka man to commit su!c!de.
Nathan Mithi could not stomach the fact that his wife had several s£xual partners despite being married.

According to his social media post which he published on his Facebook page yesterday, Nathan, has lived his married life in humiliation and embarrassment due to his wife’s behavior.

Nathan who was married to Sabby for over 9years now, claimed that he was not a good husband to his wife because of her lifestyle.

He highlighted that his wife’s behavior was barbaric and everything about her was off.

“One day, Sabby attempted to have s£x with my friend identified as ‘JM Brown’ during the day in our matrimonial house and this was the first time I caught her in the act”, part of Nathan’s facebook post said.

“It was me against the world so I could not help it. Instead, I decided to have a lot of girls at this point”,he said.

“My main reason for doing such was because I convinced myself that I will find a better woman than Sabby but I just loved her too much that I couldn’t let go of her and decided to give her a second chance”, Nathan said.

Sabby is believed to have changed into a person who prioritizes s£x, money and beer over her own life.

Nathan posted that his wife was married to her but she kept in searching for well to do men (a Mr Right) in order to achieve her best life.

“When she leaves the house, she would block me everywhere to prevent me from calling her phone”, Nathan explained.

“The sad part is that anytime she would be away from home, her mother and sister will have the first cut of a phone call from her with the new numbers that she hid from me”, Nathan further explained.

“I regret marrying for looks because this lady has k!lled me before my time.”

A relationship based on physical appearance often has an expiration date, hence the need to look into many factors that play success in any relationship.

Nathan is survived by 5 children, 3 of whom are his own, with two suspected to have different fathers.

By Sharon Zulu

Credit: NKANI


  1. Bana cimbusa ee, bana cimbusa mwangala fye.
    Mwana mwafunda ee
    Mwana mwafunda nici lale lale.

    It’s a sad, sad story. Why didn’t he seek counselling? Unfortunately, we will never know. Since there is even a picture, obviously friends and family members will recognise the faces.

  2. We don’t have the story from the accused party. So it’s hard to judge who was wrong or right or both parties were to blame. Impossible to ascertain the root cause of the failed marriage etc. It appears there was competition of unfaithful behavior in this failed marriage.
    90% of the time, adultery leads to death. Mostly murder and depression, rarely suicide as in this case. I have never come across a habitaul adulterer that reforms. Lessons for young people
    1. Never fall for looks as P1 in a partner. P1 should be the character and moral attributes of your suiter
    2. Financial security and sustainable existence in marriage is important but it should not manifest/front itself in form of a fat bank account and flashy cars/lifestyles
    3. If your partner hurts you so much and you decide that you must go separate ways. Don’t go back and eat your own vomit (baby come back with a habitaul adulterer). Neither should you jump into another relationship/s right away like you are changing socks. Take time/years to, clear the clouds of shock and disappointment from your head, introspect, learn lessons and heal your inner being.
    4. Once you heal, forgive and feel liberated from the emotional baggage of the past, then you can move on to find another partner.
    5. I was going to suggest pastoral counseling but the church of today had been invaded by all sorts of conmen, wizards and businessmen masquerading as prophets. Especially these husband, wife & friends ministries. So if you are going to seek religious counseling go for well established churches who reverend/minister have been through formal training and are answerable to other higher body/council of reverends


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