Sakwiba Sikota


We intend to join and support the Sangwa petition so that the Affidavit for Presidential Nominations must state that the following:

Amendment to Paragraph 1 to read:

1 (a). I am a Zambian Citizen by Birth/Descent and attach my certified copy of the Green National Registration Card.

(b). I have never possessed any other Green National Registration Card bearing a different number as the one attached.

Amendment to Paragraph 4 to read as follows:

4. I am at least 35 years old.

Amendment to Paragraph 5 to read as follows:

I am fluent in English as Official Language and I attached my English Equivalent Qualification Certificate from a Prescribed Institution.

Amendment to Paragraph 6 to read:

6. I have a Grade 12 Certificate or its equivalent and I attached the certified copies of the same qualification.

Amendment to Paragraph 8 to read as follows:

8. I have declared my assets and liabilities, both in Zambia and outside Zambia, and the certified copy of the evaluation and valuation of these assets and liabilities by a professional and competent person or firm or a regulatory body is attached.

Amendment to Paragraph 9 to read:

9. While I assumed office of President in accordance with Article 106(5)(a)/5(b)*

(b) For purposes of holding office in Article 106(3), I have not served the term of office as President.

(c). For Purposes of Clause 106 clause (3) as read together with clause 6, I have not twice held office as President.

Inclusion of a new Paragraph 10 to read:

10. For Purposes of Article 52(6), I have not engaged myself in any misconduct or corrupt practices.

Inclusion of new paragraph 11 to read:

11. I have attached certified copies of the list of 100 registered voters from EACH province in accordance with article 100 (1) (j) of the Constitution of Zambia.

Amendment of the exist Paragraphs 9 and 10 to read to read as Paragraph 11 and 12.


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