SALAH should take lessons from ABOUBAKAR!


SALAH should take lessons from ABOUBAKAR!

No matter what they say, Salah leaving the AFCON and returning to Liverpool due to injury and Liverpool saying if he gets well he will return to the AFCON if Egypt reach the final looks ridiculous. Salah picked up an injury at a time when Egypt can’t call a replacement, meaning there’s no point in leaving.

Sticking with his teammates in Ivory Coast would have been more sensible especially as the leader he ought to be. Despite not playing he can still help the team off the pitch mentally while recovering in the hope of playing again. This makes one to question the leader in him. Staying too would have helped Egypt psychologically against their opponents because the opponents would live with the fear of potentially facing the star.

In Europe, we have seen clubs travel with injured stars just for the mind game, and it helps at times. Again, it wouldn’t be void of sense to think that Egyptian national team doctors will take his recovery with a lot more seriousness than the others.

If Salah is leaving because Egyptian team medics are less competent then that’s quite as ridiculous too in these modern times.

Vincent Aboubakar did well by sticking around with his teammates while hoping to recover to jump in the help. This is AFCON period and your club has released you for it. No matter what, stick with your country and help in any way you can till the very end.

Ade Divine


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