John Sangwa
John Sangwa



  1. There you are. It’s now in the open for all to see. Sangwa was running out of money, that things had become too boring and there was no way to make big bucks. The only issue is someone had resigned and didn’t have any position to keep appointing people. There are no morals with lawyers. He’s just going in to get a cut wether they win or lose the case for him it’s a win – win situation. When he was talking like the ultimate authority on the constitution, he had some vested interest that he did not declare.

    • There is already a precedent set. That is how Lungu ascended to power in PF; trumped up convention, no voting, intimidated all those opposing him etc. We cannot wait for conclusion of this case.

  2. John Sangwa is only interested in earning some money, spoils from his client. The guy has never won any case for many years and he knows it.
    He is only good in theory and at talking – when he goes to court, the chap is totally hopeless.
    Just wait for a few weeks and when judgement day comes, I can predict 100% that Sangwa will lose the case.
    The only consolation is that he will still get paid by Old PF faction which is ok for the poor old John Loser Sangwa.

  3. I always encourage my students to go and change the current narrative about the role and duty of lawyers, to the way it was, from the foundation period with ancient philosophers like the Sophists.
    I do challenge them to become philosopher kings, the lovers of wisdom and integrity, diligent, honesty and professional from year one of their law studies.
    Imagine two years ago, Mr Sangwa labelled PF party as the criminal enterprise but today he is their lawyer seek their money.
    In other words, he is defending the people he colored as criminals.

    • My thoughts too!
      Sangwa has no principles!
      Sangwa has no integrity of character!
      Sangwa can’t be trusted!
      You cannot say one thing now and say the opposite in your next breath!
      Sangwa himself labelled PF a Criminal Organization and went on every Anthill to warn the nation that ECL is not eligible to contest future elections having been SWORN TWICE to the office of president as is written in black and white in our constitution.
      Sangwa told the nation, and rightly so, that the Constitutional Court grossly errored in it’s judgement on the eligibility of ECL.
      His change of heart and legal opinions is a big dent on his integrity and character and raises questions about his Patriotism to this country as State Counsel!
      We wouldn’t be wrong to have our suspicions, including pecuniary advantage from the same organization he labelled Criminal!
      Upright men and women are in very short supply in Zambia it seems and that spells trouble for the future of our country! The inordinate and infantile love of money by it’s citizens will kill Zambia!

  4. This is a good development. That illegal meeting with UPND members supretended by state police can’t be a PF Conference. The PF has an electoral college. Aspiring PF Presidential Candidates paid K200,000 nomination fees.
    Useless Mingalatos by Hakainde won’t work. Even lawyers like Sangwa have started seeing the level of lawlessness in the country, and are prepared to join in the fight for Justice. Now Hakainde’s police are even surrounding homes of private individuals to stop Memorial Services!
    This a disgusting new low for Zambia.


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