John Sangwa

State Counsel John Sangwa, a Constitutional Lawyer, has said he has no reason to doubt the credibility of the online pre-voter registration exercise being conducted by the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

And Sangwa has called on Zambians to ignore a Facebook page and Twitter handle created in his name as he is not on any social media platform.

State Counsel Sangwa has since advised Zambians to pre-register as voters during the current pre-voter registration exercise, reports the News Diggers!

Sangwa’s remarks were in reaction to a tweet by an unknown individual behind the handle @Sangwaspeaks which purports to be State Counsel’s Twitter account.

Last week, a tweet purportedly by Sangwa strongly condemned the ECZ over the voter registration exercise and called the process a sham.

There have been several other tweets and posts on Facebook critical of government, claiming to be made by Sangwa.

However, Sangwa has clarified that it was not him who tweeted as he is neither on Facebook nor Twitter.

He disclosed that he had actually pre-registered online and urged all Zambians to follow suit as there was no reason to doubt the credibility of the system.

“I am urging people to register online. There is no reason to doubt the credibility of the system.

“I have no reason to doubt the credibility of the online voter registration. Zambians will lose nothing by pre-registering; it is their civic duty to register.

“I am not on Facebook or Twitter, so what is flying around purporting that I posted something about voter registration is not legitimate. It is not me,” Sangwa said as reported by News Diggers!

“As a lawyer, I have no reason to condemn what ECZ is doing. I work with evidence. So far, I have registered online and based on what I have seen, measures have been taken to ensure there is no duplication of the information being captured.

“I can’t say more about this because the case is in court, but I would urge all Zambians to register online and wait for their voters’ cards. I even received a text message sent to me that I have successfully pre-registered online.” -ZR


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