Save your dignity, don’t gate crash Kuomboka, UKA urges Hichilema


Save your dignity, don’t gate crash Kuomboka, UKA urges Hichilema


UKA is calling upon President Hakainde Hichilema to uphold the dignity of the presidency and not down grade it through gate crushing at the Kuomboka ceremony to be held this coming Saturday.

President Hichilema should realize that the presidency is the people’s apex personification of their chosen governance system and must not be subjected to ridicule through an insatiable appetite to score political mileage or unwisely settle self created political disputes.

The President must realize that he created the unnecessary tension between himself and the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) through uncalled for comments on the Barotse matter. He should have sought wisdom from previous presidents on how this matter was treated each time it came up during their respective tenures.

It is worrying to see that the President’s chosen path in this ever-recurring Barotse issue has been escalating hostility rather than deceleration of the tension of the Barotse issue through a broad based consultative and mature deliberation approach.

The BRE has settled on the guest of honour in reciprocation to the same status accorded to the Litunga during last year’s Ukusefya pa ngwena ceremony by the Mwine Lubemba. It will be worth noting that during President Lungu’s tenure, it was actually decided that government officials were no longer required to grace the traditional ceremonies but that such ceremonies would be graced by their royal highnesses themselves. It therefore follows that whether there is tension between President Hichilema and the BRE or not, the BRE is in order and is on firm ground to choose their preferred guest of honour at the Kuomboka ceremony.

The president is being urged not to salvage his dwindling political fortunes through gate crushing at an event he is not invited to. The message from the KUTA and from the Barotse Youth Alliance is loud and clear and the president should uphold the dignity of the presidency by simply staying away. Zambians expect nothing less than the president respecting and upholding the apex of the epitome of their chosen governance system.

Clearly, looking at the militancy with which both the KUTA and the Barotse Youth Alliance are expressing their disapproval of the President’s un invited presence, the situation is most likely to escalate into possible chaos that might lead to violence and God forbid, loss of life. The total disregard to the safety of the lives of the people is reminiscent of the Biblical story in 1 Kings 3:16 – 28 in which the uncaring and unloving mother agreed to the cutting of the baby into two.

President Hakainda must desist from a seemingly never ending unwise desires to turn the Kuomboka ceremony into a theatrical specter to score political mileage as he did in 2017. Had it not been for the wisdom of President Lunga, who ordered his security detail not to escalate the situation but move his motor cade off the road to avoid a show down, lives would have been lost and history would have taken a completely different turn.

Zambians will hold President Hakainde responsible for any risks posed to people’s lives. He did it before save for the wisdom of President Lungu and he wants to do it again in another format and that’s why UKA dare says, don’t do it!

Hon. Lucky Mabenga Mulusa

Secretary General
United kwacha Alliance


  1. I really feel pity of this Country called Zambia were criminals, murderers can be entertained and celebrated even after killing people and people see it happen but they come again to be seen to be wise people while covering themselves in the blood smeared clothes or skin while the people who escaped from the same animals embrace and feel good of the same robbers.

    Like I always say, that the good thing is that everyone of us will one day die and go to meet the owner of life to whom a report has to submitted about what one did while he or she was still alive. That time will definitely come under so whatever.

    It is also written in Psalms 90 verse 1-12 that when one reaches 70 years time for misery will start ( and we vanish like flowers which glitters in the morning but in the afternoon it withers ) and when by the grace of God you reach 100 years or so you will even be taken to or at Care homes of the Elderly and time will still catch up with you to be like a baby where the issue of dippers will take centre stage and up with you. Someone had to take care of you even your strength will no longer be in you, it will be misery, just waiting to go out of this life.

    I have seen powerful people become powerless because of age. Not even power that you are fighting for this time or money you are stealing and invest all over the world will be there to make you enjoy life. It will be meaningless. Chasing after the wind.

    But again why, why celebrate and speak evil of the President just because he was right to say Zambia is a unitary state and it is one Zambia one Nation? there’s nothing like dividing this Country but I see these – these robbers who were even leaders pretending to be heard just because of thirsty of being in power again,- power ! including Mr. Wheel barrows Mulusa sure , the likes of menomeno. Surely even our respected King, the Litunga can feel good of this and probably think they will overshadow the Republican President . Come on my people! You can’t Marcy HH he doesn’t care about what people think but service to the people. This is not the way to face issues. Verily verily as long as Zambia remains a Republic and unitary state there’s nothing that can happen to have Barotseland state, nothing even these thieves who were in power for ten years can’t do anything they just want to blind and isolate some of your people.

    As our traditional leaders you have to learn that we being led by you and nothing like the likes of ESAU in the Bible who sold his eldership because of hunger. Icakulya

    I pity and cry for mother Zambia. But the good thing and message is that God has the way off doing things. Remember how the Israelites were taken out of slavery in Egypt to the promised land, most of those who wanted to go back to Egypt and start suffering again (Mubusha.) Most of them were wiped out and only their children reached the promised land.
    The old folks had very stuck and imitwe iishakosa. This situation, I see……,..

    God is doing another thing altogether

  2. Very unwise counsel. What’s wrong with the Republican President attending the Kuomboka Ceremony even if he not guest of honour???

  3. All this nonsensical where is it coming from? Where is the boundary between Zambia and the Kingdom or country called Baroseland?
    What currency used in this very kingdom?
    It looks like the president ship has been hijacked because Chitimukulu is now leading the so called congo kingdom?
    Kwena HH please leave the two chief and king so that we hear what they are planning to share in common.
    Zambia is bigger than the bre. Western province soon will invite HH to chiefs Mwene Mutondo and Mwene Kahare
    So the so called Baroseland will be ashamed because we all Zambians don’t know there boundary.

  4. HH Is to blame on these issues,I know ecl very well and he can do.thr fact that you have given him a lot of space you will suffer the consequences,these chaps never learn and are not ashamed of whatever they do.Let UKA be talking about the milingo lungu and his court case outcome.

  5. Ati HH should have consulted former president, who ECL? The thieving and tribal man? Its your wish that the HH us hounded out of the ceremony. Who will do that to the President of Zambia?
    Debate issues not tuma petty matters

  6. Our president must attend!
    If our president does not show up, mischievous UKA and Pumpkin head Gumu Gumu Mumembe Fuledi that have set up these booby traps will claim victory!


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