Save Zambia Condemns UPND’s Alleged Assault on Democracy and Opposition Parties


Save Zambia Condemns UPND’s Alleged Assault on Democracy and Opposition Parties”*

In a strongly-worded statement, Save Zambia, a consortium of opposition political parties, condemns what it perceives as the UPND government’s on-going grand scheme to undermine democracy and limit the civil space in Zambia. The consortium expresses deep concern over what it describes as the UPND’s relentless strategy to weaken opposition parties in the lead-up to the 2026 general election.

Save Zambia particularly denounces the alleged political machinations that resulted in the failed overthrow of National Democratic Congress (NDC) President Saboi Imboela. The statement accuses state agents of orchestrating an illegal convention in Kabwe, complete with heavy police protection, to destabilize the NDC.

Highlighting the UPND’s historical intent to dismantle its alliance partners even before coming into government, Save Zambia contends that the ruling party’s actions have now extended to disrupting the former ruling Patriotic Front (PF). The consortium asserts that the UPND’s attempt to weaken the NDC is part of a broader pattern.

Save Zambia strongly condemns what it perceives as the selective application of the Public Order Act and on-going assaults on the freedoms of assembly for opposition political parties. Since the UPND’s electoral victory in 2021, the statement claims that the police have consistently blocked public rallies organized by opposition parties, often citing unspecified security concerns or inadequate manpower. The consortium sees this as an indirect push towards a one-party state under President Hakainde Hichilema’s regime.

The statement particularly raises concerns about the denial of a permit for the Socialist Party to hold its mass rally in Mandevu Constituency, emphasizing the worrisome trend of the police consistently refusing political parties the right to hold rallies. Save Zambia finds it perplexing that, despite claims of inadequate manpower or security concerns, a significant police presence is deployed to halt these rallies.

Save Zambia calls on all well-meaning Zambians to condemn what it perceives as the UPND’s assault on democracy and opposition parties.

The statement underscores the importance of safeguarding Zambia’s constitutional multi-party democratic status and urges collective action to address what it considers a critical threat to the nation’s democratic fabric.



  1. Save PF cries wolf wolf should be the correct title after Mbape dirribled the PF as the PF is still dreaming and imagining HH playing imaginary role with Sampaulation. STUPID IDIOTS. no


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