Scandal: $17.5million (K456m) set aside for 156 CDF ambulances- Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba


By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba
Scandal; $17.5million (K456m) set aside for 156 CDF ambulances

● $112,500.00 (K3.1m) to be deducted from the 2024 CDF from each Constituency to buy an ambulance oer Constituency.

● Procurement to be done centrally against CDF guidelines.

● Ambulance over-priced by over $50,000 per unit.

● K75,000 for a motorcycle for the Chief’s Retainers.

Below is the official Correspondence written to Town Clerks and Council Secretaries.


Captioned subject refers.

The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development vide circular dated 11th December, 2023 reference MLGRD/10/4/31 provided guidance on the procurement of ambulances under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Local Authorities are hereby guided to set aside 112,500. 00 US Dollars per unit or its Kwacha equivalent (K2.7 Million) per Constituency for procurement of the ambulances. Further, Local Authorities are guided to set aside K75, 000.00 for procurement of Chief Retainers’ Motor Bikes for each palace (Chiefdom). The allocations should be budgeted under the 2024 CDF Financial Year.
Guidance on the Construction of National Assembly -Constituency Offices will be provided in due course.

You are guided.


  1. It is very very unfirtunate for people like mwamba who have held senior positions in government and who at one time worked as special assistant for press to president chiluba at state house can continue telling lies on anything that the government is doing just to blow up and bring an unsubstiantiated things that are not verified or there . What type of a human being are you

    Unless otherwisr, otherwise i see no scandle at this stage that someone can blow up a trumpet just to mislead citizens.

    I havent seen,
    1. Any paragraph or sentence in this lletter from local government which he has attatched and of course given to him by the cadres that they left in government / public service just to midlead the people.
    2. Nowhere in that letter where the local authoruty through the PS is it saying that they have to buy these ambulances and motor bikes for chiefs returners at the amounts mentioned ( that is – K2,7 millon foa an ambulance and K 75,000.00 for a motorcycle or honda ) but the language in the letter is very clear and straight forward. The local authority is saying, “guiding them to set aside those amounts so thst the monues can be used to buy the mentuoned items. NO SCANDAL WHAT SO EVER ( ITS JUST PART OF PLANNING USING THE AVAILABLE CDF ALLOCATION FOR 2024 in case they did not include it in their budget or say their procurement and detsiled implimentation plan hence being reminsed or guiided to put it in their budgets in short they have to modify or do a modification if theu have already done their procurement plans ). SIMPLE AS THAT
    3. Additionally i have not seen anywhere where it is written that they should buy or procure these mentioned items, ambulances and motorbikes at the mentioned amounts. Theres nothing like that.
    4. Also the actial procurement process has not started where you emmanuel can say, they bought this and that at so much money. There no quotations or even an evaluation sheet saying so . Not even an invoice which is used as the basis of payment nothing.

    5. Anither issue is, if the country is planning to buy these ambulances for all the 156 consituencies theres no harm to use a centraliaed purchase system if the make and model is the same because through centrslized bulk buying the government cam even get a good discount or negotiate for reduced price because of the quantities and in that way we can save some money to buy more or other items that are needed. So there’ s no harm in so doing than eack local authority buying on their own it will be expensive. Simple as that .

    So where is the SCANDAL you mwamba is talking about . Please take it easy or else you will just continue sinning leaving no room for yourself to repent


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