Youths in southern province have with keen interest taken it upon themselves to monitor the party elections which are going on in the Province.

It is quiet disturbing to discover that the Patriotic Front in southern province is trying by all means to sponsor their people to fake membership so that they be elected in all UPND party structures. Their aim is that once they put their people,it will be easy to manipulate the election results in 2021 general elections because these people will be polling agents. This issue was in one place in Njola Mwanza where some PF guys wanted to contest as Ward leaders but the team quickly discovered and moved in by asking those youths to produce UPND membership cards which they failed to produce.

As UPND Youths in Southern province we shall keep our eyes on these elections and we shall make sure that we scrutinize even the elections Officials within our party. We need to have a free clean elections which will allow people to choose leaders of their choice. Next year we are going into General Elections. Therefore, we shall not allow divisions and misunderstanding as we move on.

We are just wondering why the PF is busy pushing for our party to be disregistered and also to infiltrate our party structures if we are not a factor as they claim.

These dirty moves just confirm to the nation that PF is desperate and finished which can never be honest to the people of Zambia.

People of Zambia are no longer interested in the patriotic front government because of not fulfilling their promises of more money in the people’s pockets. This is evident because people of Zambia under PF have become poorer as basic commodities are expensive, dollar is high to a zambian kwacha and there are no jobs for the general citizens including businesses which have been taken over by the Chinese.

As southern province youths we wish to sound a warning that we shall not entertain any PF member to infiltrate our intra-party elections because UPND is not a party for people who have failed the people of Zambia. We shall continue monitoring these intra party elections both secretly and openly. Though no one is perfect, we would say so far our elections are going on well.

In any election, there is always a winner and a looser. We congratulate all those who have returned their positions and those who are coming in the offices for the first time. All we can say is that work hard by making sure that all the people who have no NRCs and voters cards in your areas get. To those who have lost elections, we want to assure you that UPND is a house with big rooms, meaning there are still many roles you can play in the party. Just like the coach substitutes a player in the game of football, it doesn’t mean that the substituted player is a bad player but it just means that the coach wishes to apply a new tactical approach and when the new introduced player scores the credit goes not only to the new player but to the whole team. Let’s remain united and support those who have been elected as there can only be one person serving at a particular post. Our call is for all of us to remain strong and united as our agenda is to form government and liberate the people of Zambia.

Issued by:

Lloyd Siambeta
Youth Information and Publicity Secretary
UPND Southern Province


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