UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has assured Zambians that under his presidency, what is being done in the dark now will be brought to the light.

He is, however, quick to put a caveat that: “those who have not participated in any form of corruption have nothing to worry about.”

Hichilema believes currently, there is “stolen money” that is being used to manipulate the democratic process through rigging and the purchase of opposition councillors.

“The determination of these scoundrels to retain power is so incredible, they are willing to destroy democratic institutions,” he said.

Hichilema commits that a UPND government will institute investigations on all questionable public transactions.

The opposition leader made the comments in a series of tweets on Thursday morning.

He said a concerned Zambian asked him that: “Bally, when you told PF members tamwa ka cule (you won’t suffer), does that mean you won’t fight corruption?”

Hichilema indicated that such a question made him realise that it was time for him to share his thoughts on the issue of corruption.

“We can assure the Zambian people that what was done in the dark will be brought to the light. The corrupt practices that the public has witnessed is just scratching the surface,” Hichilema said.

“Inflated costs of ambulances, fire tenders, planes, roads and many other dubious transactions have caused our nation to lose billions of dollars. Our natural resources are being plundered on a daily basis!”

He clarified that when he tells PF officials that tamwa ka cule, “I assure them that as citizens of our country they deserve to be treated fairly like any citizen.”

Hichilema noted that the law was blind and that as such, it would deal with everyone the same way, “without fear or favour.”

“We’ll ensure that in addition to an independent Ombudsman and investigative wings, we will strengthen the judicial arm of government for better governance, transparency and effectiveness. The effectiveness of these institutions will be a major deterrent for future corruption,” he pledged.

“Our government will have no tolerance for corruption. Any allegations against any official would result in their suspension pending completion of investigations.”

Hichilema added that an opportunity for amnesty, under special circumstances, would be given to those who would want to come forward and pay back what they stole and provide detailed information of how they did it and other related information.

“This will help us strengthen oversight and monitoring,” Hichilema said.

He underscored that it was not the aim of the UPND, once in government, to settle political scores or be vindictive but that it would ensure that justice was done.

“Those who have not participated in any form of corruption, have nothing to worry about,” he assured. “The next step will be to institute investigations of all questionable transactions. It will be necessary to have transparency in this process and the aim will be for the people to know how their funds were stolen and of course, to bring the corrupt to book, if convicted.”

Hichilema also promised that his government would empower the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC), the police and other investigative wings so that they could carry out their work, without political interference.

“No one will be sacred, not even senior UPND officials. The law must take its course!” he stressed.

He said a UPND government would begin by having all past audits and FIC reports evaluated to commence a programme where: “we compel those proven to be wanting to pay back the money.”


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