BANNISHED Christian clergymen Andrew Ejimadu, aka Seer 1 has announced that he will soon open a Television station whose focus will be Zambia.

Now based in South Africa, Seer 1 plied his preaching trade in Zambia staging miracles and brewing controversy until he was suddenly deported about two years ago.

In the last five months or so, Seer 1 has used Facebook to broadcast his criticism on President Edgar Lungu, his ministers and the ruling Patriotic Front calling them corrupt and insisting they are headed for defeat in the 2021 general elections.

While his Facebook videos attract huge viewership from Zambians, Seer 1 says he does not trust Facebook anymore to carry out his hobby.

Seer 1 has announced that next month he will open television station to solely focus on Zambia which according to him will make the PF cry.

The station will be called “Zambia Shall Be Saved TV.”

According to him, once his television station is open, PF cadres including its leaders will stop watching ZNBC instead they will be glued to Zambia Shall Be Saved TV.

©Kalemba June 9, 2020


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