Selective judgment aikona – Alice Rowland’s Musukwa

You are free to stand up for your so called friends, and to declare whoever you feel will make it come August. However dragging the entire UPND and trying to paint them more evil based on your relationship with one particular individual that can’t get their way is a total misjudgment….

Personally you are one individual, I have always liked and openly stood up even against others, I like too for making you a centre of ridicule and unfounded allegations. Yet I will not shy away from stating things and facts, as I see them with you and you free to do the same about me…. Wasn’t myself for years not a centre of all sorts of malice from both PF and UPND members? Worst of all they both daily used their aligned online newspapers to publicly slander me calling me a UK prostitute and white bum cleaner etc yet with time, consistency, transparency and accountability etc , I triumphed over all of them, because truth always wins? But that does not mean some aren’t still on my back with those same malice…..

Has the person whose behalf you condemning the entire UPND over also told you how she made me and many others such as respectable elders like ba Doreen Mwamba a target of bullying, insults and ridicule etc in WhatsApp groups? Never wanted to listen to any counsel thinking is above everyone else? Is Iris Kaingu cocky, despite the open dent in her past!! Maybe if you removed your bias lenses and do your own underground investigations you will get to know the real reasons your friend lost right from primaries up to the provincial level. Maybe then you will give her the right advise, so that next time she can go about things in a different way, unlike leaving people feeling you are not humble because of having a cocky attitude despite empowering them with eggs😂😂😂😂😂😂😂… Humility is key in every undertaking especially politics. Ain’t many, especially on the ground too risking their lives campaigning for UPND like your friend? Ain’t many of us pouring in thousands minus putting conditions or making any demands to hold the party to ransom?

Are you also blind to all the years and ongoing PF both public and private infighting which is nothing compared to UPND? Don’t you hear audios daily they insult and threaten each other! Is KBF not openly insulted and attacked even by top PF leaders for merely wanting to challenge Edgar? Didn’t you see how CK and HK etc were publicly humiliated prior to being expelled from PF! Todate how the founder Guy Scott is regarded as garbage…. Also many more…. . They only become useful, unless when are being used to attack HH and his fellow tribesmen…. The PF militia groups terrorising commoners…

“You can’t be busy condemning and crucifying particular individuals over one thing, yet condone the same behaviour in others based on your personal interactions with them. Doesn’t Milly you are fond of also bring her personal private life on social media inclusive of showing her matrimonial bedroom? Yet you love her so much for it and never publicly condemned her!!! Yes Mrs Kennedy was wrong but selective public condemnation aikona..


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