Senanga member of parliament (UPND) Mukumbuta Mulowa

By Patson Chilemba

Senanga council chairperson Mwitumwa Sikuka is more popular than me and I will support her if she is adopted to stand as MP, says opposition UPND Senanga member of parliament Mukumbuta Mulowa.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Mulowa was asked if he would defect to the ruling PF or even stand as an independent if he were not to be re-adopted to contest his Senanga seat on the UPND ticket, in view of the differences between himself and the party, and assertions that he had reported the Sikuka led council to the police, as she was in good standing with the party, with a chance to be adopted.

In response, Mulowa said Sikuka was more popular than himself and he would support her if she were to be adopted.

“The council chairperson is very popular, more popular than me and if she is adopted I will support her,” he said.

Mulowa maintained that he was still loyal to the party. But ask how he would reconcile that loyalty in view of the fact that he had defied his own party over Bill 10, and was recently spotted with PF members of parliament receiving a petition from some PF youths in support of the Bill, where his own party was also denounced, Mulowa said he did not denounce the party.

UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka has been a vocal critic of Mukumbuta and his two colleagues, Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa (Nalikwanda) and Teddy Kasonso (Solwezi-West), questioning their loyalty and recently telling Daily Revelation that they had divorced themselves from the party by falling prey to the carrot being dangled by the ruling PF.

But Mulowa said he respected Katuka as his secretary general but what he said was his own opinion, as he (Mulowa) had a lot of support in the UPND.

Asked how far he had gone with the matter where he said he had reported to the police and Auditor General’s office, the UPND-run Senenga district council, for suspected abuse of abuse of public funds, Mulowa said he would not publicise what he was doing about the matter.

“You will receive it as news when it happens,” said Mukumbuta.


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