Dr. Fred M'membe


Chingola District Commissioner Mr Raphael Chimupi is quoted in the media as saying that the number of families claiming to have their relatives missing after the Senseli open-pit mine accident has continued to rise.

We are told that the number of families claiming missing relatives has increased from 36 to 62 as the rescue operation continues. This mine disaster occurred last month on November 30, 2023, when the tunnels curved in following a landslide.

Once again we sympathise and mourn with the families who have suffered the loss of their loved ones in this horrific tragedy and we pray that the Almighty God will comfort them during this period of great difficulty and pain.

However, we are getting concerned about the government’s inability to provide adequate information over the situation, especially the corporate faces behind this tragedy.

We, therefore, ask the following honest questions to Mr Hakainde Hichilema and his colleagues, and we seek honest answers:

(1) Who owns Senseli Mine? Who are the real faces behind Senseli Mine?

(2) When was Senseli issued with a license to operate? Is it before or after Mr Hichilema came into the office?

(3) Is this government prepared to lift the corporate veil on Senseli Mine shareholders?

(4) Does this government have plans to compensate the grieving families following this disaster?

(5) Is Senseli Mine linked to Mr Hichilema, any politically exposed person or any of the President’s business associates?

(6) From the facts gathered so far, what safety violations were committed by the owners of Senseli, and what is the Ministry of Mines doing about it?

(7) Are their any immediate interventions in place to help integrate the survivors and the victim’s families back into society? Is psychological counselling being considered or provided?

We hope Mr Hichilema and his greed, corrupt puppet regime will provide the necessary clarifications, guidance, and honest responses to the questions raised above.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. You should be watching parliament TV. The vice president issued a ministerial statement in parliament where your non malicious questions were answered. Just to brush your ego, the licence was issued in 2012.

  2. For M’membe, everything is politics, he failed even to go to Chingola to mourn together and console the bereaved families, not even ka donation. The rescue mission is still going on, go there also and contribute something otherwise you are making yourself more irrelevant. You write useless questions and say people need answers, which people are those?

  3. Fred is an attention seeker, HH cant respond to Fred they are not at par. We understand tht Fred is trying earn some relevance by always mentioning HH’s name, but truth be told the difference between the two is astronomical. HH is champions League Victor, while Fred is division 2. Fred should direct his questions to the ward chairman where Senseli mine is located, the ward chair will effectively respond to Fred’s querry.

  4. What corporate veil is there to lift over Senseli Mine when this information is publicly-available with a simple search at PACRA?
    The victims were their own agents with no known employer.

  5. There’s one survivor receiving treatment in hospital right now. Is it Fred M’membe’s argument that the man didn’t know his employer?


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