Separating Fact from Fiction: Disputing Allegations of Purge in Zambian Public Service- Catherine Mulaisho

Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Separating Fact from Fiction: Disputing Allegations of Purge in Zambian Public Service.

Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba’s recent op-ed has stirred controversy, accusing President Hakainde Hichilema of fostering a purge within the Zambian public service.

However, a careful and verified investigation reveals significant discrepancies in Mwamba’s claims, suggesting a potential agenda to tarnish the reputation of President Hichilema.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points that refute Mwamba’s allegations:

1. Inflated Numbers: Contrary to Mwamba’s assertion of over 300 affected individuals, our verified investigation indicates that the number of people at cabinet awaiting deployment is less than 59.

This large difference raises questions about the accuracy of Mwamba’s information.

2. UPND’s Commitment to Fair Practices: It is crucial to emphasize that the UPND government, led by President Hichilema, has publicly stated its commitment to fair and just practices.

The claim that the administration is engaging in victimization tactics reminiscent of the PF government is refuted by this commitment.

3. Baseless Accusations: Mwamba’s narrative relies on accusations of discrimination based on alleged affiliations with the previous government.

However, our investigation reveals that these allegations lack substantive evidence, with individuals being dismissed or facing obstacles in their careers without proper justification.

4. Selective Use of Information: Mwamba’s article highlights specific cases, such as the recall and dismissal of a diplomat and the termination of a journalist’s employment, without providing a comprehensive view of the circumstances.

This selective use of information raises concerns about the objectivity of his claims.

it is evident from our verified investigation that Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba’s op-ed is riddled with inaccuracies and lacks the necessary substantiation for its claims.

The attempt to portray President Hichilema as fostering a purge in the public service appears to be driven by a political agenda rather than a commitment to truth and transparency.

As responsible citizens, it is important to critically assess the information presented in such op-eds, considering the credibility of the sources and the verifiability of the claims.

President Hichilema’s administration should be judged based on verified facts and actions rather than unsubstantiated accusations driven by political motives.

In the pursuit of a fair and accountable public service, it is essential to discourage the spread of misleading information and promote a discourse based on transparency and truth.

By Catherine Mulaisho


  1. Can we also be updated how many times the opposition have been prevented from holding public rallies due to lack of man power. How many times opposition candidates have been prevented from participating in by-elections by Electoral Commissin of UPND? How many times opposition leaders have been detained in the past two years? If that is what you call fairness. I wonder how fairness will look in Hi’s five years.


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