Serena Williams’ husband slams Zim social media commentator after he mocked their relationship

Shadaya x Serena Williams with her huband (Image Credit: Twitter@ShadayaKnight)

Serena Williams’ Husband Slams Zimbabwean Social Commentator Shadaya For Mocking Their Love

Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian has called out Zimbabwean social media commentator Shadaya Tawona Knight after he mocked their relationship.

Self-proclaimed anti-feminist, Shadaya, who has now made it a habit to drag American celebrity A-listers, decided to take a jibe at Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian’s marriage as he body-shamed them.

Taking to his Twitter account, Shadaya posted a picture of Serena with Alexis on the red carpet. In the picture, Serena wore a boob-tube dress, which showed off her muscles.

While commenting on the picture, Shadaya mocked Serena for looking more masculine than her husband. Shadaya said Alexis was playing second fiddle to Serena in their marriage.

“You can already tell who is the man in this relationship….men work on your physique….your woman should never be more physically imposing than you.”

Alexis Ohanian did not take Shadaya’s tweet lightly. He clapped back at Shadaya in a classy way as he slammed him for mocking his marriage with Serena Williams. Responding to Shadaya’s tweet, Alexis Ohanian wrote;

“I wish you all the best, but this incel talk ain’t it.”


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