Serenje woman sinks sharp nails in boyfriend’s reproductive engine


Serenje woman sinks sharp nails in boyfriend’s reproductive engine

HEALTH workers in Serenje District are working to attach reproductive tools that include a manhood and scrotum back to the groin area of a 34-year old man after his cheating girlfriend nearly ripped them off using her razor-sharp manicured nails.

Chibale Mulilo’s assets narrowly escaped complete removal from their allocated plot in a fight that ensued after he caught his girlfriend
Maggie Nyimba aged 27 with another man.

According to witnesss, Mulilo and Maggie had been watching the Zambia Vs Morrocco game in the neighborhood pub on Wednesday night.

But with Zambia’s exit from the tournament, Maggie sneaked out of the pub to seek some bedroom consolation using the tools of another man while her boyfriend chose to drown the pain of loss with several bottles of Black Lebel.

But after noticing that his lover was nowhere in sight, Mulilo went in search for Maggie and was eventually told she was in bed with another man.

This infuriated him, and he went marching to the venue, without considering the time.

While the sky was covered in darkness and the moon left as the only testament to light his path, Mulilo arrived and found a familiar face, Joseph Musonda, who was clearing cobwebs in his girlfriend’s tunnel of pleasure.

After coming eye-to-eye with his naked cheating girlfriend in the arms of another man who he knew very well, Mulilo loudly wondered how she could betray him in that fashion given the money he had spent on her.

The blood in Mulilo’s veins boiled, like water put under his surname, tempers flaired and a fight errupted.

However, it is not clear how Maggie got hold of the utensils below Mulilo’s belt, as she subjected him to a quick, sudden and painful surgery without anaesthesia.

Despite Maggie’s unfaithfulness with Musonda, the couple still took steps to guard themselves against the malaria-causing female anopheles mosquito as they sinned under the safety of a treated mosquito net.

This is a positive indicator that the Ministry of Health’s sensitization drive to educate people about malaria prevention in Zambia is bearing fruit.

Central province police commissioner Charity Munganga confirmed the incident and identified the suspect as Maggie Nyimba aged 27 of Low density area.

Munganga said the incident happened around at 01:00 hours yesterday.

The suspect is currently in police custody awaiting court proceedings while Mulilo is nursing his wound at a health facility…

Noel Iyombwa



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