By Paul Monde Shalala

Sesheke MP Romeo Kangombe was one of the paddlers as the Litunga La Mboela was moving from Nalolo to Muoyo yesterday in the second Kuomboka Ceremony of the year.

According to Nokushimba Online, there was also a British national Michael Owen who also paddled as the Mitule, the royal barge for the Litunga La Mboela, took her on the 6 hour voyage.

Among us Lozis, being a royal paddler is a prestigious status in Bulozi.

Every Lozi man aspires to get this honor in his life time

The Mitule which is the official royal boat for the Litunga La Mboela, is also painted like the Nalikwanda however, it is dominated by a black and white cow.

For the Nalikwanda, it has an elephant which is the symbol of the Barotse Royal Establishment.

The Litunga La Mboela, whose real names are Mbuyu Imwiko and is usually referred to as the Queen of the South, is the second most powerful leader in Barotseland and she presides over Senanga and Nalolo Districts.

Now that the Kuomboka Ceremonies for The Litunga and the Litunga La Mboela are done, we now wait for the third and final Kuomboka Ceremony of the year for Mboanjikana in Kalabo who will move from her Libonda Palace to Mulundumano on 7 May.


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