Seven guys detained in India on suspicion of raping tourists in groups


Seven men have been arrested in India for allegedly raping a woman and attacking her husband. This case has brought attention to the widespread issue of sexual violence against women in the country.

On Saturday, the police said they arrested three men for the incident and are looking for four more.

Dumka’s Deputy Commissioner, Anjaneyulu Dodde, told the media on Tuesday that four more people have been arrested.

The police found a couple who had been traveling on a motorcycle from West Bengal to Nepal. They were found late on Friday by officers on patrol in Dumka district, Jharkhand state.

They went to the hospital, and the woman told the doctor that she had been raped.

The police know who the wanted suspects are and have put together a special team to investigate, according to Kherwar. It is not known if the three people who were arrested have a lawyer to help them.

The arrests happened because a couple who travel and make videos said on their Instagram that they were attacked in India with knives held to their throats. The woman was assaulted and taken to the hospital for DNA testing.

The couple writes in Spanish, and the woman says on her Instagram page that she is from Brazil.

The woman shared on her Instagram story that she has bruises on her face and said that even though her face looks hurt, it’s not the most painful part. “I thought I was going to pass away. ”

In another message on Sunday, the couple said thank you to their followers for their help and said they are okay. They also said the police are trying their best to catch the rest of the people involved.

India’s Women’s Commission expressed disapproval of the reported attack.

The head of NCW, Rekha Sharma, talked to the victim and gave them the help they needed. The organization shared this on social media on Saturday.

“If someone did something wrong, they won’t get away with it,” he said on Saturday.

India has been trying really hard for many years to deal with a lot of violence against women. Some cases of foreign visitors getting raped got a lot of attention from other countries and made the problem known worldwide.

In 2018, a British woman was said to have been raped while walking to her hotel in Goa, a popular place for tourists. Two years before that, an American woman was said to have been drugged and raped by a group of men in her five-star hotel room in New Delhi. In 2013, six men were given life sentences for raping a Swiss tourist together.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau in India, there were 31,516 cases of rape in 2022, which averages out to 86 cases per day.

Experts say there might be many more rape cases than we know about in a country where people feel ashamed and judged for being a victim of rape because it is a very male-dominated society.


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