Several companies have reportedly started documentaries on music executive Diddy


Several companies have reportedly started documentaries on music executive Diddy, following raids carried out by federal agents at different houses he owns.

Sources told TMZ that producers at various production companies in Hollywood and the UK have been scrambling to put together long-form documentary films covering Diddy’s drama, everything from the civil lawsuits to the federal raids.

The outreach to ramp up production for most of the docs began immediately after the raids in L.A. and Miami, which isn’t surprising, as the federal execution of search warrants happened on live TV, making it a national spectacle and prompting folks to pay close attention to all the fallout.

At least 5 production companies have been contacting various people who are, or once were, in Diddy’s orbit, everyone from former Diddy dancers to execs at Bad Boy Records, as well as producers who worked on MTV’s “Making the Band.”

Producers have also reached out in an attempt to secure interviews with former Diddy protégé Aubrey O’Day, ex-security guards, former assistants, and his ex-girlfriends, including Cassie who sued the mogul before settling out of court.

One is underway courtesy of ABC News Studios for Hulu, plus a few more from UK production companies.

While Diddy is yet to be charged, he is still facing a series of civil lawsuits, several of which touch on similar claims. The hip-hop mogul has denied all the allegations.


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