By Chileshe Mwango

A severe dry spell has hit several villages of Southern Province.

The affected villages include Shamutamba Lweeko, Hachifwa and Mwendalice in Chief Naluama as well as Kasengo, Nasenga And Chingangauka in Chief Naluama Of Chikankata district.

In an interview with Phoenix News, Village Headman Essulu Malala said for one month and some weeks now there have been no rains causing severe damage to the maize crop.

He said that there is total crop failure in most of the villages in Chief Naluama and that there will be hunger during the forth coming crop marketing season.

Mr Malala appealed to the Disaster Management And Mitigation Unit –DMMU- to start preparing to assist the people of Chief Naluama with relief food by august this year because the old stock would have been exhausted by that time.



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