By Clayson Hamasaka

Chief Communications Specialist
State House

I woke up on a Thursday morning to begin my usual work routine on the Copperbelt as part of the President’s working visit. The first engagement for President Hichilema was with drivers from various transportation sectors at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola.

While preparing in my hotel room in Kitwe, I received distress calls from the advance security teams inquiring whether the media were permitted at this meeting. I instructed them to allow the media to cover their interaction with the President. Another call involved concerns about the sitting arrangement; I had no immediate solution since I hadn’t yet arrived, so I skipped my breakfast and hurried to the stadium. Upon arrival, everything seemed fine.

After the President landed at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium, I went to the holding room to perform my duties and then excused myself to rush to Luanshya to ensure everything was prepared for what I believed would be the highlight of the day. The advance security team and I checked every detail.

Upon reaching the Luanshya Mine Headquarters, everything was perfect. We then proceeded to the mine projects for a groundbreaking ceremony.

Next, we headed to the venue for the planned rally in Mpata Matu Township, where security immediately deemed the site completely inappropriate for the Head of State due to its dilapidation.

From my days in the opposition, struggling before the 2015 presidential by-election following the death of President Michael Sata, I recognized the venue as the decrepit place where we were often forced to hold meetings amidst violence.

During a closer inspection by security officers, they were alerted to the presence of bees in the playground around 10:00 AM.

Realizing the potential danger, I thought, “We can’t bring the President here with these bees.” The presence of bees could compromise his security.

It was suggested that the Copperbelt Veterinary Department and other health officials be called in to destroy the beehive. However, I wondered how the President would react to the destruction of the environment, which he cherishes, and whether I could keep this act hidden from him.

At that time, the President was engaged with drivers at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium, so reaching him directly was not feasible. I sent a WhatsApp message to the President’s Principal Private Secretary, Mr. Bradford Machila, informing him of the situation.

Mr. Machila responded that the President had instructed us to focus on more significant issues rather than disturbing “insects” in their natural habitat.

Later, the President arrived at TVTC grounds and proceeded to the Luanshya Mine Headquarters. During a casual briefing, the bee situation was mentioned. The President, spotting me, joked, “Look at that guy, panicking over bees and telling me not to come here to officiate at such a huge project. He’s a villager who has been stung by bees several times yet never died. And that guy knows I have many dangerous creatures on my farms; in fact, even at my Community House in Lusaka, there are snakes, but I never take extreme measures to destroy them. Can we please focus on more important things like KCM and Mopani, rather than insects which we as human beings are going to disturb in their natural habitat?”

And that’s how the President saved those bees from total destruction.

Luanshya has been a ghost town, literally speaking. Once thriving Welfare Halls, Community Centres, Rugby Football Fields, and other stadiums had been reclaimed by nature, and have become home to creatures like bats, snakes, and bees. I read a sarcastic post from former President Lungu to his successor and the people of Luanshya about the bees. Ironically, this is an indictment against Mr. Lungu and his administration. For ten years, the PF had no solutions for the people of the Copperbelt, and the province had been left to decline.

It’s regrettable that under President Hichilema, the PF would rather focus on bees than on the efforts being employed to uplift the welfare of human beings. This is truly shameful.


  1. Forgive him…..he must have been under the influence of jammerson. The man is just so full of hate that he cannot realize that it is wearing him down. Honestly a former head of state being so cheap and trivial. Zambians know that the bar for presidency is too high now and such caliber as his no chance baba…

  2. The communication man fir state house has time to tell stories than focus on important technical and economic issues. This whole story is irrelevant and has no substance to come from a top official in government! If Edgar Lungu commented on the attack by bees then he becomes more an enemy to you and Upnd! That occurrence of bees is a sign of bad omen because bees can kill a human being! It showed that you were not welcome in Luanshya where you caused the suffering and death of millions of people after selling the mine for a song to foreigners! De-watering of a shaft is not going to solve the problems you created by selling the whole mine. A shaft will not employ the number of people that were employed before the whole mine was sold at a song due to selfishness! Indalama tapaba uko shitwala, ni shi ndeta misoka, money brings more problems, like some people in Upnd have found themselves in problems now by wanting to rule because they have plenty of “money”! But if you are not a born leader you can’t succeed, because it’s not money which rules but wisdom!

    • Who sold the mines? Is it the MMD government or HH? Let”s discuss real issues not hearsays. The records are there to check.


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