We have heard of a girl who married her own father and a mother who married her eldest daughter after her divorce! .

Now, it is a girl who marries her mother because she does not want to get away from her.

Lolita 26 years did the unthinkable by marrying her mother Loreto 44 years in an intimate ceremony in Capetown. The marriage was kept secret because this union is banned in South Africa.

When she was questioned why she married her mother, she said, “My mother was there for me since I was born. I grew up without a father. I love my mother so much and she’s all I have. I do not want to stay away from her, so I chose to marry her so we can live together. She is young and she knows how to make me happy in bed.”

Her mother on her side said she was shocked when her daughter offered to marry her.

“My daughter was ready to leave the house if I refused to marry her, so I love my daughter and I would do anything to make her happy. About to have children, we do not yet know for now, but time will tell.”


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